Nikkii and Vince

How We Met
Vince and I met at Lowe’s Home Improvement where we both worked outside in the garden section for the summer. He had long hair and a beard so I didn’t know how truly handsome he was until he came in one day with a hair cut, which I later found out he got to impress me. It sure worked! He asked me to hang out one day and the rest is history. We would ride to work together every day and even take our lunches at the same time so we never had to be apart. To this day I can count on one hand the amount of nights we’ve spent without each other. He’s been my rock and has given me so much strength that I never had before. He’s the most caring, thoughtful, and all-around amazing man I have ever met and I will love him until the day I die. It would take a hundred lifetimes to pay him back for everything he’s done for me, so I’ll spend the rest of my life making it up to him by being the best wife I can be.

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how they asked
Vince’s 27th birthday was approaching (November 3rd, 2013) and I wanted to plan a weekend getaway at a hotel to celebrate. Instead he suggested we go visit his best friend Brandon and Brandon’s wife, Jessica, in New York City. Little did I know that all 3 of them were in on a big surprise for me. After spending 3 amazing days exploring NYC it was almost time to go home: only one more day in the big city. That day we all got up early and headed to Central Park. We walked around for about a half hour until we got to the long path where part of our favorite movie, Vanilla Sky, was filmed. I was looking at some beautiful paintings that the vendors were selling when Vince grabbed my hand, turned me around, and got down on one knee. We both started tearing up as he grabbed my hand and asked me to marry him.

After I said yes we kissed as everyone around us stopped to clap, and at that point I couldn’t help but smile and laugh at the fact that I was just proposed to in one of the most romantic ways I ever could have imagined. Afterwards we went to a very nice restaurant called the Boathouse located in Central Park and celebrated with friends. I will never forget this day, and I’m so thankful that Brandon and Jess were there because they took photos and video of the whole thing. Now I can look back at this precious moment whenever I want.

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