Nikki and Rocco

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How We Met

Rocco and I met seven years ago in Downtown Redlands. I was enjoying an evening out with my sister while he was celebrating his birthday with his pals. We were at the same lounge, and apparently, I caught his eye in a room full of people. He states he took a shot of liquid courage and walked up to me. I was holding a beverage and he proceeded to take the drink from my hand, drank it, and said: “It looks like I owe you another.” SMOOTH. We spent the rest of the evening dancing. Little did we know that seven years later, we’d start the chapter as husband and wife.

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How They Asked

Huntington Beach holds a special place in our hearts as it was the location of our very first date. He wanted to re-create that special moment and propose at the location where we watched the stars several years ago.

He requested assistance from my very good friend who is also an event/wedding planner (Sugarplum & Co). He also communicated with my entire family in order for them to be involved as he knows how much it would mean to me to have my parents and siblings present.

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On August 22, 2020, he created the most beautiful space: Lights, candles, flowers, champagne, and a photographer to capture the entire event.

The morning of, my mom wanted our family to take a trip to the beach to escape the heat in Riverside County. We ended up eating at the same restaurant Rocco and I had our first date. I didn’t think anything of it since it was a well-known restaurant on the beach. We roamed around Huntington and my mom insisted that we take photos on the beach since sunset was approaching. This also wasn’t a surprise considering my mother LOVES to take family photos at any opportunity she can get.

As we walked on the beach, I noticed the beautiful set up that Rocco created. I didn’t think anything of it. I actually said to myself: “Oh, how cute! What a great date idea”. Little did I know that that reserved space was where he and his son would both ask me to be a part of their lives forever.

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Rocco is a single dad of an adorable seven-year-old whose name is also Rocco. I met him as a little one-year-old and we have grown as a Blended Family together.

At sunset, I saw Rocco and his son cruise onto the beach with their bikes dressed in the most adorable outfits. My jaw dropped. He and his son greeted my entire family with hugs and he proceeded to bring me to the space that he and Sugarplum & Co. help create.

At that moment, Rocco expressed how much I meant to him and his son. My heart was full and I could feel my eyes fill with tears of gratitude and joy. He and his son both knelt on one knee and took my hand with the request for me to spend the rest of my lives with them as his wife and as an ongoing figure to his son. My immediate answer, without any hesitation, was “YES”.

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Special Thanks

Crystal Nicole Studios
 | Photographer
Abby Lee
 | Planning