Nikki and Richard

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How We Met

Richard and I are both accountants (but we’re WAY more fun than that sounds!), but I’m an auditor and Richard works for a big company in the Seattle area in their accounting department. My firm audits his company…you can see where this is going. Two years ago, I was assigned to audit Richard’s portion of the financial statements, so we had many meetings over many months in a professional setting (i.e I was literally double checking his work, ensuring he wasn’t committing fraud, etc. etc.). Rest assured, he’s very good at accounting and definitely didn’t commit fraud! However, there are a lot of independence rules for auditors and clients, so in my mind, yes I had an insanely cute client contact, but he was way off limits! Near the end of the audit, I wore a shirt from my alma mater (Go Zags!), where Richard had a buddy from high school attend. Though two years older than me, I knew who Richard was talking about, we bonded for a moment, and we moved on with our meeting. Upon returning to my desk, however, I had a text from this mutual friend (who I hadn’t talked to in years!) saying how great of a guy Rich is and if he could pass along my number. Being the rule-follower that I am, I said Richard seemed great but to please not send along my number until our audit was over. Lo and behold, the day after the audit, Richard texted me asking to take me a dinner, and we’ve been going to dinner ever since!!

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how they asked

In April, Richard had asked me to reserve a specific Saturday in July for a work dinner his department was having at the top of the Columbia Tower (the tallest building in Seattle). It’s super fancy and I LOVE the view from there, so it was on my calendar for months. The week leading up to it, Richard was forwarding me emails from his manager and director talking about the details of the dinner, when to arrive, the dress code etc. On Saturday, Richard’s coworker called him while we were in the car confirming that he was wearing a suit jacket (in which I later learned was only to hold the ring box) and his manager texted him for the address. I had no reason to be suspicious! That afternoon, I get ready, we take a car from our apartment to the Tower, go up 75 floors, and Richard tells the concierge that we’re there for the work dinner. She immediately stands a little taller and asks us to follow her. We go up one more floor, down some hallways, and I walk into a room with rose petals on the floor, candles on the window sills, and champagne and chocolate covered strawberries on the counter (swoon!!). In my head, I thought, “huh, this is a weird romantic moment to have before a work dinner..” and I turn around to Richard pulling out a box and getting on his knee!!

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I remember asking if it was real, saying yes, and crying a lot. He puts the ring on my finger and I immediately try to FaceTime my family and friends, but most of them weren’t answering. I found that odd, but Richard assured me we’d have plenty of time to tell them and to just trust him the rest of the night. I slowly put together the pieces of how he had it all planned out for months, but it wasn’t over yet! We had some food and champagne on the top of the tower, and then he mentions we must be at a nearby bar (where we’d had our 4th date) by a certain time. I was so ecstatic and feeling very agreeable, it wasn’t hard to convince me. We walk down the street and the bouncer tells me to take a right when I go inside. As I turn the corner, I hear a big “SURPRISE!” and see all our friends and family waiting in the room for us to celebrate all night with! Several people flew from all over the country, and it made me feel SO loved. It was absolutely perfect and I cannot WAIT to spend my life with this man.

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