Nikki and Patrick

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How We Met

Patrick & Nikki met when they were 15 years old, beginning their freshman year of high school. And while they were friends all throughout high school, they didn’t start dating until almost 7 years after graduating. Patrick moved to Miami, FL shortly after graduating where he attending college. Nikki stayed local to their small town and gained her degree there. After graduating college, Nikki moved to NYC, where she was living when her and Patrick started their long distance relationship. Throughout the years that Patrick was in Florida & Nikki was in New York, they always kept in touch, mostly thanks to Facebook! In March of 2012, Nikki and her best friend Molly were having a night out in New York City when they realized they really needed a Spring Break getaway. They were trying to think of mutual friends they could go visit somewhere warm, and Patrick came to mind. They called Patrick that night and asked if they could come down for a visit. Patrick said he would love that, but that he would also want to take vacation time during their visit and would book them all a place in Key West! A month later, in April of 2012, Molly and Nikki made their trip down to Key West from NYC. After not seeing Patrick for almost 7 years, they had no idea what to expect, but Nikki and Patrick certainly were not anticipating the sparks they felt between them all week long. After a week of sun and lots of fun it was time for Nikki and Molly to head back to NYC. Nikki was so sad to leave Patrick and wasn’t sure if anything else would come for them after this vacation, little did she know Patrick felt the same way. Sure enough, even with a thousand miles between them, they kept talking while far away. About a month after this trip, Nikki flew down to visit Patrick once again. Except this time it was just the two of them. Patrick really pulled out all the stops and took Nikki to see The Lion King on Broadway along with taking her to a beautiful dinner on Miami Beach (their real first date). Regardless of the miles between them at the time, after a great weekend together, Patrick asked Nikki to be his girlfriend. And the rest is History.

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how they asked

Nikki spotted a cute bed and breakfast a while back. She always talked about going for a night, but never had. She’d point it out to Patrick every time they drove by. The exterior vines growing up the side of the Inn, the large gazebo out front, the old time feel, it was beautiful. Patrick decided this would be the place he would propose to Nikki. With months of planning, he booked the most beautiful room at the Inn. Equipped with a wood burning fire place, giant whirlpool tub, french doors leading to an herb garden, and walls filled with vintage books, Patrick knew this would be the perfect cozy spot to pop the question. Putting his own special touch on the room, Patrick strung twinkle lights throughout it, reminiscent of a song Nikki loves. The song is “All Your Life” by The Band Perry. The lyrics go as follows, “Would you catch a couple thousand fireflies, Yeah, and put them in a lamp to light my world? All dresses up in a tux and bow tie, hand delivered to a lonely girl. To a lonely lonely girl. Well I don’t want the whole world. The sun, the moon, and all their light. I just want to be the only girl, You love all your life.” Patrick ran with this idea. Putting lights all around the beautiful room at the Inn, dressed up, and preparing for the song to be playing when they walked in the room. He let Nikki have a moment to take it all in, before getting down on his knee and (through tears) asking her to marry him. From there, Patrick had told Nikki they had a dinner reservation an hour later at another adorable place Nikki had been dying to try. Nikki was speechless and had no idea how she was possibly going to eat, but knew Patrick had put way to much into planning this night to even think about changing his plan! Turns out, there was another surprise waiting for her as she walked into the restaurant! Patrick had arranged for all of Nikki’s family and her closest friends to be waiting to join them for dinner in celebration of their Engagement!

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