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How We Met

My oldest sister told me about a hilarious guy named Nick who plays the drums at the church she sings at. I was nervous and so excited to meet him. My sister knows me well and I respect her a lot so the fact that she wanted to introduce me to him, he started off with a lot of brownie points! We met in the hallway of the church. I still remember exactly where it was. People commonly think when I introduce myself that my name is Mickey. I wanted our introduction to be perfect so I tried to skip the confusion. When I reached my hand out I just smiled and said “Nikki.” When he relied, also with a smile, “No it’s Nick” I wanted to laugh so badly but when I get nervous I get red so tried to play it cool and only gave a small giggle. Turns out he thought he blew it and that I didn’t think he was funny! While he talked a little longer in the hallway I was so drawn to him. He was interesting and really funny like my sister said. As we left church that day my sister asked me what I thought about him I said “Um his bone structure is amazing!” He is good looking. Very. But I knew for this to be real he had to have a lot more going for him than his looks. He messaged me on Facebook and we talked everyday since.

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how they asked

The engagement was the second best day of my life! My mom was in town and I was going to meet his family for the first time that night. We had it all planned oldest sister, my mom and I went to the mall, then to dinner, and were going to Nick’s parents house for dessert. I was nervous about our parents meeting for the first time because I wanted it to be perfect and for them to get along. We were done with dinner and dessert was next! I called Nick to see how his family was doing on time. When he answered, I laughed and told him “You sound REALLY happy to talk to me???”

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He told me dessert was almost done and to come on over! My sister was driving us, mom in the backseat, I was in passenger. We started to pull up to his parents house and I happened to see a bunch of people in the backyard and lots of beautiful vintage light bulbs. My first thought was… They did all of this just for my mom??? It didn’t make sense. I asked out loud if they knew what was going on and they said no. So we pull until the driveway and I see a videographer and that’s when I knew. My heart raced and I was ready to see what would happen next.

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We all got out of car and I turned to my mom and asked her if I had any food in my teeth. When she assured me I was good to go, my sister told me to walk to the side of the house while they walked through the front door. I couldn’t see anyone except the videographer. There were three tree stumps with letters on them and pictures of us hanging. Nick had me help him pick all of those pictures out just a few days before for a “scrap book”. When I saw those pictures I thought, you stinker!!!!!!

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I prayed before reading that I would be in the moment, not rush, and remember everything. I prayed for a calm heart, and I continuously thanked Him for giving me such a tremendous love. For everything He taught us during the hard times and gave Him the glory for where we were in the moment and where this meant we were going in our relationship.

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I cried and laughed at his poems. They were so genuine and true! I was really impressed! As I turned the corner I didn’t look anyway where but at him. I forgot anyone was behind him. The introvert side of me would have been nervous to know anyone was watching me so focused on him.

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After I said yes (what a dream to say that word to the man of my dreams!!!!), I looked behind him and saw that my entire family was there. Some drove from Indiana and some from Alabama, a few close friends, and his family..all 25 of them! It was a party. We laughed and laugh cried. I kept looking into his eyes and said “you did so well!!!!!” I was genuinely surprised and it was perfect. I wouldn’t have asked for a better engagement. Best Day of my life, and I owe it all to Preface for capturing such a huge moment that I can relive forever! Can’t thank you enough!

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