Nikki and Michael

Image 1 of Nikki and Michael

How We Met

I met Michael at work in a training seminar when he made me laugh using an obscure reference from one of my favorite movies (Good Burger, if you must know). From then on, we became best friends, and he’s been making me laugh everyday since then. We’ve adventured all over the world including whale watching in Iceland, touristing in Disney and snowmobiling on glaciers. We plan on taking our month-long honeymoon in New Zealand doing crazy things like swimming with Great White Sharks and surfing. He is my other half, my soulmate and the peanut butter to my jelly.

how they asked

We’ve always been world travelers–one of our first dates was on a spontaneous vacation to a National Park–so it could only be fitting that Michael propose to me in the most EPIC way possible. On our trip to Bali, Indonesia, the top spot on our must-do list was hiking the active volcano, Mt. Batur, to see the sunrise. In order to do this, we had to wake up at 1 a.m, groggy-eyed and excited to see the tippy-top of this exhausting climb. Our guides handed us flashlights to hike in the pitch-black, and warned us about King Cobras which (frighteningly) riddle the mountain. Since Bali is so humid, when we finally reached the top after slipping on rocks and dripping in sweat, we were feeling tired and accomplished. As the sun rose over the peaks and the clouds parted, Michael handed our camera to the guide to take our picture, and got down on one knee. I couldn’t stop shaking all the way down the mountain, and I still can’t believe that I get to marry my soulmate. He is my life, my world, and my sunrise each and every day.

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