Nikki and Liam

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How We Met

We were in middle school, and attended the same youth group. Our mothers worked together at the church we went to. However; there was never one specific moment we remember meeting and becoming friends, we had just always been there, and became closer as friends. When high school started we rode the bus together every single day. Eventually Liam started getting off at my stop and hangout with me (Nikki) after school.

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This went on for a year and a half. He was the first boy I was allowed to hangout with alone. On February 28th 2015, our sophomore year of high school Liam finally asked me to be his girl friend. We continued to date all through high school and into college where we both went to two separate schools an hour from each other. Eventually Liam decided he liked my school better, after visiting so many times, and he transferred that next fall. The following Fall, after almost 5 years of dating Liam proposed.

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how they asked

I was highly anticipating an engagement the Fall of 2016 because we had been talking about it all Summer and making plans to be married the following Summer. One day out of no where Liam texted me telling me to get dressed up and he would pick me up at 3:30pm. I had a mini panic of excitement and confusion all at the same time. I got ready in my room while texting all my friends freaking out. I was going back and forth on whether it was truly happening or he was just messing with me, like he said he might do. Of course I wasn’t ready until 3:45, but he was there, and when I got in the car Liam instructed me to close my eyes. I asked Liam if we would be back before 6 PM because he has class and I have to work, he answered yes leaving me even more confused. He drove me to a playground down the road where we had been last spring.

I opened my eyes and Liam began to tell me about an important conversation we had he last spring about our relationship and where we saw our future. We then got back in the car he explained that we were going to a couple more places and I had to close my eyes again. The next places were in downtown Grand Rapids. First we went to Rosa Parks Circle where we had spent many Summers swing dancing every Tuesday night. Liam talked about how one night we were laying on the ground looking up at the sky and he had his first thoughts about marriage with me. Then we walked to a hotel entrance with cool purple lighting where we had taken one of our first pictures together as kids. Here Liam talked about firsts and how he wants to continue having firsts with me. After we walked to a place where we had attended a concert in the middle of a Winter storm and on our way home we couldn’t see a thing through the snow, but I kept him calm through my laughter on how ridiculous the storm was.

Our last stop downtown was on top of a parking garage. Climbing up to the top of parking garages to look out was a common thing for Liam and I to do. When we got up to the top he talked about how going on adventures with me is one of his favorite things and he couldn’t imagine going on adventures with anyone else. When we got back to the car he asked me to close my eyes again. I laughed and followed his instructions. At this point I still was unsure if he was truly proposing because I knew he had class and I had work to get to, but I sat there singing along to the radio with my eyes closed as he drove us to unknowingly our last stop. As we got out of the car, I was not allowed to open my eyes until told to do so. We walked and walked for a long time with Liam holding my hands to guide the way. Finally we stopped and Liam said, “you may open your eyes.” I opened my eyes and we were standing on a bridge over looking the Grand River.

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There were candles in beautiful vases and decorations on the bridge. Liam continued to hold my hands as he spoke to me words I could not remember if I tried due to the fact that I was so in shock and still confused about what exactly was happening. He then got down on one knee and I finally realized he really was proposing.

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I began to cry as he asked me if I would marry him. Of course I said yes as I threw my arms around him. After, I learned that Liam had covered my worked schedule and we went out to dinner were all of our friends and family were waiting to surprise me with congratulations.

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Liam and I were overfilled with love and joy as we celebrated being engaged.

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Special Thanks

Ethan Valentine
 | Photographer