Nikki and Jim

How We Met: Jim and I actually are the product of a work romance. He was the nerdy engineer upstairs and I was the unassuming girl down in purchasing. We started out making small talk at work which then turned into emails the length of books and that transitioned into making excuses to hang out with each other.

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how they asked: Back in 2010, I was traveling to India for our company as part of their corporate philanthropy platform. During my travels home, I had a full day to spend in Dubai due to some crazy layovers. Lucky for me, Jim had traveled to Dubai for our company the year before (our company was pretty big!) so he hooked me up with his contact from the US so I would have an American to hang out with for that day so I could actually check Dubai out and not aimlessly wander in a cab, etc. Jim was sweet enough to coordinate with his contact and ensure that he would pick me up at the airport and take me to the touristy places because let’s face it, this could quite possibly be the only time I would be in Dubai!

I got to the airport and made it to Jim’s contact and friend, Warren, and his wife Chrissy who was visiting from Michigan. They were so nice to take time out of their day, and their time together, to show me around Dubai! We drove around for a while and a little while later they asked if I was hungry and wanted to get out of the car and I said 100% yes! We stopped at this resort area that was modeled after Venice and it was gorgeous. It had tons of shops and restaurants that were on the bank of canals with cute bridges and gondolas carting people around. So we walked around for a bit and Warren then suggested we head over to the main bridge because I could get some great photos. I wasn’t one to say no to capturing a great photo, so I quickly obliged.

We went to the bridge and as I started walking on it I looked forward and could not believe my eyes, because what I saw was Jim! He was all dressed up and standing there alone on the bridge waiting for me.

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I just stood there in shock because what was my boyfriend doing here in Dubai? I had just spoken to him on the phone from the airport and he said I woke him up and sounded groggy and.. what?! He just smiled and stared as I got up to him and then before I knew it, he was on one knee asking me to marry him. The vision of him on one knee while holding out a Tiffany blue box is one I will never forget. I didn’t cry, I didn’t scream, I was simply in shock the entire time that he had somehow kept it quiet that his whole plan was to fly to Dubai and give me the surprise of a lifetime for our proposal. I love him more than I could even explain and this definitely was the most incredible proposal I’ve ever seen.

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Engagement Photos by Anika London