Nikki and Erik

How We Met

Erik and I met on tinder in May of 2016. We decided to meet for drinks at Open Road in Dunn Lorning, VA for happy hour. It was close to my office and only ten minutes from my apartment so I figured it was a good place to meet. I was brand new to tinder and honestly didn’t have high expectations of the night. I figured we would have a drink or two then I would go home. Luckily, the night proved me wrong and I wasn’t meeting just any guy, I was meeting my future husband!

We hit it off immediately and became inseparable almost overnight. We are not very traditional so once we got engaged and did our engagement photo shoot in October 2017, we chose a less conventional route. Our photographer, Alex, from Calypso Digital Weddings met us at my Aunts property and we had a paint “war” engagement photo shoot.

Nikki and Erik's Engagement in Geirangerfjord, Norway

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Geirangerfjord, Norway

Nikki's Proposal in Geirangerfjord, Norway

how they asked

My fiance’s family originates from Norway. Growing up, his family spent summers visiting the country. The family owns a cabin 45 minutes north of Oslo so they would stay there when visiting. He hadn’t been to Norway since he was 17 so we decided to go this summer to celebrate his 30th birthday. He insisted we needed to see Geiranger fjord (a large body of water specific to Norway) on his actual birthday so we made the 8+ hour trek across the country, up a large mountain to get the perfect view of this majestic fjord.

Overlooking the water and town, high in the Norwegian mountains, he lowered himself down and asked me to be his wife. He tried to get down on one knee but logistically it was impossible, but the guy tried his best! As he was proposing, the last ferry of the day was departing the dock below us that we needed to take to get to our bed and breakfast. Of course, we did not realize it at the time. Once we drove down the mountain starry-eyed and happy we looked at the schedule and realized with horror, we missed the last ride.

It added an extra 2.5 hours to our drive. We missed dinner and was super late to the B&B. Our host was an angel and so happy for us, she made us a late night 3-course dinner and even drew a heart in our starter soup with cream. It was a long and stressful day but also the most beautiful and wonderful day of my life. Even though we made some big mistakes, the day happened as it was meant to and I’m so excited for our life together to start.

Photo credit: My Dad’s GoPro :) The real MVP!

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