Nikki and David

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How We Met

I met David in 2007 during our freshman year of high school at Chaminade, in Mrs. Chin’s Geography class. I was interested in his friend and thought the best approach would be to befriend David. I thought our friendship would inspire David to tell his friend that I would be amazing to ask out.

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Well after a few months, it seemed David did think I would be amazing to ask out but had a different guy in mind (lucky me!). We went on our first date to watch Golden Compass at AMC 16, of course, while being chaperoned by his parents. That night David said I love you for the first time.

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how they asked

On September 9, 2017 (only weeks before our 10 year anniversary), I had asked my family if they wanted to have a goodbye lunch with my Uncle, Aunt, and their three little girls before they headed back to Canada. I was shocked when everyone said they were unavailable (even David said he had to work). I decided to treat them out and as we headed back to David and my apartment, I was greeted by a surprise visit from my sister. She then invited me on a scavenger hunt and provided the first clue. The first clue was to go to David and my usual date spot, a restaurant located in Venice.

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When we arrived, I was greeted once more by a familiar face and another clue. Her clue was to go to the place David and I had first lived in West Hollywood. I was already shocked when another important person provided the next clue which was to go to the place David and I had our first date.

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As we drove back to the San Fernando Valley, I was so ecstatic to have all my closest friends in one place. When we arrived at AMC 16, the girls mentioned watching a movie together. As we attempted to purchase a few tickets, the cashier said he’d have to help us on another register. We followed him to a new register and another surprise visitor popped up with my last clue.

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I immediately began crying because the last clue was to go back to the place David and I first met. Alongside some of my then future bridesmaids, I walked my freshman year hallways once more. At the end of the hallway, not too far from my Geography class, David was nicely dressed and ready to ask an important question. Inspired by how they asked me to our first Homecoming dance together, David called Nate (the family puggle) over. David pulled the ring from Nate’s vest and like he did after his Homecoming proposal – I was left speechless once again.

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P.S – the surprises didn’t end there. David had our families there for the whole proposal and a group of friends from New York were waiting in our apartment to celebrate our engagement!

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