Nikki and David

Image 1 of Nikki and David

How We Met

We have been childhood friends since 3rd grade, all of our friends knew we belonged together, just took us a while to figure it out!

How They Asked

We were walking around downtown Langley at night, after a wonderful dinner. And there was a Christmas tree already up, so I pulled him over there to look at it and he pulled me in for a hug and whispered “do you love me?” I said “Of course baby, always have and always will” he asked “ but do you love me enough?” I asked “enough for what?” he replied “enough for this?” and pulled out a speciality box, for down on one knee and asked me with my full name if I would marry him! I of course cried while screaming yes! I have never been happier than when I am with him, so I get to be happy for the rest of our lives!