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Nikki's Proposal in Seattle, WA

How We Met

I had always thought Brandon was SO cute. I knew of him through church & had asked so many of my friends to set us up, but no one would help me out!! (Still bitter about that haha). Once I even went to a New Years Party at his apartment & just my luck he wasn’t even there! But who would’ve known that I was at my future husbands apartment! Anyways, we ended up talking more at church & he asked me out to eat!! (Cute boy & food, can’t turn that down right!!). We ended up going to a Mariners game, Pike Place Market, more food places.. But I remember always having the most fun with him that I had ever had with anyone!

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Going into our first few dates I told Brandon I had already committed to moving to Portland to help out my family down there. I definitely was not expecting to get a boyfriend before I left. I thought I was going to start a whole new life down in Portland! But before I left I remember him telling me he wanted to give this thing a shot & do long distance! EEK I was so nervous, but yet so excited & down for the adventure!!

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I ended up driving to Seattle every weekend to see him & my family. (Crazy right, but hey you do crazy things when you love someone). 3 months later we both were head over heels for each other & knew we would spend the rest of our lives with each other! We shared our first EVER “I love you’s” with each other & had waited to have our first kiss with each other until then. We hit a few rough patches (we’re both very strong people lol), but it makes for an even deeper love!! We broke up for less than a week within the course of dating (lol we couldn’t even go that long), & realized we couldn’t live without each other. 9 & a half months of dating later & HERE WE ARE!! Yes it’s fast, but when you know, you just know!!!

Proposal Ideas Seattle, WA

Nikki and Brandon's Engagement in Seattle, WA

how they asked

I can’t believe how CLUE-LESS I was!!! I had actually guessed the way he asked me initially, but he took me through so many loop holes I didn’t actually even see it coming!!! He had told me about a month in advance that we were going to an office party for his work. He even said “So make sure you look really good & you’re going to have to dress up!”. In my head I was like pshhh, well OBVIOUSLY he’s going to ask me then (no brainer right). Well, I definitely got all twisted around!! He actually made fake invitations to the office party & fake messages from his boss to stump me! It worked. The day of our engagement I was SO NERVOUS. Not because of the engagement, I had no idea HAHA. But I was sooooo nervous to meet his co-workers!! The “office party” was at Canlis in Seattle.

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A super super fancy restaurant, so beautiful. As we walked in all of the workers there treated us like royalty!! I even remember all the workers moving out of our way & whispering things about us. I thought it was just cause they knew we were apart of a huge office party or something (I know that doesn’t make sense, but it did at the time lol). Our hostess led us throughout the restaurant & to a staircase. In my head I was thinking “Dang, this office party really went all out & rented out this place!!”. Hahahaha. When we got to the top of the staircase I saw a huge room ahead of us with a bunch of people. I was freaking out in my head thinking that was the office party. Our hostess turned a corner & suddenly I saw a private room overlooking the water. BEAUTIFUL. A solo table with roses everywhere & champagne. All I could say was “Oh my gosh”. That’s when I knew it was going down.

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I looked behind us and there was Brandon’s best friend, his brother, my best friend, & Laura the photographer. At that moment I SERIOUSLY felt everything just go in slow motion. It didn’t even feel real!!! He got down on one knee and said the SWEETEST words ever. & I’m so glad someone got it on tape because now I can listen to it over & over!! I remember feeling the tears coming, but being so in shock that they weren’t even coming out!!! He pulled out the most beautiful custom made ring (that I cannot stop staring at BTW) & asked me to be his forever. I wanted to say “DUH”. But figured that was not appropriate for the moment lol. I muttered out a “Yes, of course!!!” & just stood there. I think I was so in shock/in love that I forgot to stick my hand out for him to put the ring on HAHA. But I eventually did & then our celebration began!!

Him & I had champagne & appetizers & then were off to celebrate!! My sweet sister threw the most amazing engagement party for us with our closest friends & family at one of our favorite local restaurants “909 Coffee & Wine”. The rest is history, we celebrated the night away, & I’ve been on cloud 9 ever since!!!

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