Nikki and Bradley

How We Met

Bradley and I met in 2015 at a mutual friends house. I always thought he was so cute and I finally worked up the courage to introduce myself. A few days after I met him, I found him on social media and gave him my phone number. We talked for a month or two and we ended up cutting things off because the timing of a relationship was not right for the both of us. At that season in our life, we weren’t ready to commit to a serious relationship.

As the months passed by, Bradley still had a special place in my heart. I would think about him almost every day and that was a hint to myself that I really was not over him. I never mentioned it to him because we remained in touch as friends, but as the months passed on into 2016 I had a feeling that what we had was something special. As the time got closer to Summer, we started discussing what vacations we were going on. It turned out that we were both going to The Hangout Festival 2016. We said that if we had time, we would try to meet each other anhang outut for a day while we were both there.

I went with my cousin to the festival and Bradley went with a group of friends. My cousin mentioned to me that he wanted to meet up with some friends of his at some point during the week. The group that my cousin wanted to meet up with turned out to be the group of people that Bradley was staying with. From that moment forward we have been inseparable ever since.

We definitely said that God brought us back together for a bigger purpose than what we realize. Every day we see God’s plan unfolding for us and I am so so thankful that He chose me to be Bradley’s wife.

how they asked

I had a photographer reach out to me through Instagram several months ago of him being interested in having a free photoshoot with me and Bradley. He messaged me and said that he wanted to try some new ideas that are different from what he usually does and he thought Bradley and I would be the perfect couple. I was so excited about this because I love to do photoshoots for fun, plus I was thinking “professional photos of me and B for free? heck yes!!”

When it got closer to the time of the “photoshoot”, I bought my outfit and treated myself to a manicure. I knew the photographer liked close ups and I was thinking that my nails had to be done for that purpose. Which B always told me he would never tell me to get my nails done because that would give it away that he was proposing to me. So since last year I have always had my nails done for occasions; just in case it ever happened.

The day of the photoshoot was finally here. I had everything together, including B’s outfit. I was so excited because the day was just going so smooth. I had the day planned (or at least I thought so). The photographer told me that we were meeting on top of a parking deck in downtown Birmingham and He wanted to get some cool shots of us in the stairwell and with the buildings in the background. When we started the “photoshoot”, we were thirty minutes into it and the photographer directed us towards where his camera bag was so he could switch out his lens. He said he wanted some portraits of us individually. He positioned me to face him as B stood behind me. The photographer said he liked the look of B blurred in the background and i was just like “okay, cool.” You think I would have picked up on it when he said that, but it still went completely over my head.

The photographer started taking photos of me and then he stood where he would get Bradley and I both in the photo. The photographer said to me, “okay, Nikki. Now i want you to do a big laugh and close your eyes then I want you to turn around and face Bradley so i can get a few of you two facing each other.” So, I did what he said and when i turned around B was down on one knee!! I was such in shock that i froze and Bradley had to pull me in closer to him. When he pulled me in then I collapsed because I was so overwhelmed with emotion and excitement.

It all still feels like a dream. I always thought I would keep up with the hints that He was proposing, but I had no idea. That day was perfect. I know now that B is a really good actor and that He does listen to me when I think he isn’t (haha).

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I cannot wait to marry the man of my dreams. God answered my prayers when He chose Bradley to be my husband!

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