Nikki and Aalok

How We Met: Aalok and I met on and it was just a shot in the dark email sent by him to me and the rest is really history. He and I talked every single day since Feb 12, 2014 and although we are long distance we both work together to make it easier. Thanks to technology nowadays it doesn’t feel like we are really that far apart, but when we do see each other we definitely take advantage of every single minute together!

Image 1 of Nikki and Aalok

how they asked: Aalok & I planned a getaway to San Antonio for a few days during Memorial Day Weekend. Little did I know he had been planning on proposing while we were out there and the hotel staff were awesome at helping him plan for the entire thing! We drove down there Sunday afternoon and were just praying for nice weather and no rain while we were there, well the weather god’s were looking down on us and it was perfect weather the entire stay.

We did some exploring around the riverwalk and later got ready for dinner. Before heading down to the hotel restaurant for dinner, he suggested we go up to check out the terrace since a “friend” told him it was really nice. I said sure not knowing what was going to happen. When we got to the terrace entrance there was a Private Party sign on the door and I immediately said we shouldn’t go in I’m sure there’s a party or something going on. He still insisted and I hesitated following him in. As the door to the outdoor terrace opened, I saw rose petals on the floor and as we turned the corner, I saw the most romantic set up with rose petals and candles all around. At that point it occurred to me what was about to happen, but I think I was just in shock with what was going on around us. We are both fans of The Bachelor/Bachelorette so when he led me to the middle of the veranda he had roses waiting there to have me “accept” like they do during the rose ceremonies before getting down on one knee and saying a bunch of cute & romantic things (that quite frankly I don’t entirely remember), and then asked me if I would spend the rest of my life with him. I gladly and eagerly responded YES! At that point, the secret photographers became less of a secret when we spotted them. He captured some amazing candid pictures of the whole thing and I couldn’t have asked for anything better than what he did!

Image 2 of Nikki and Aalok

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We followed the romantic proposal with an awesome dinner at a special table in the hotel restaurant and then took a riverboat tour around the river. I think we were both floating on cloud 9 the entire time and still are!

Photography: Daniel Prislovsky
Hotel Manager: Norma