Nikita and Joshua

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Carolina Panthers Football Games Charlotte, NC

How We Met

Josh and I met at Campbell University during both of our undergraduate years. We both played in the university pep band, he played the trombone and I played the saxophone. As our friendship grew stronger so did our like of one another. Josh finally asked me to go on a date with him and the rest is history. We both ended up graduating with our Masters in Public Health at Campbell University as well.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Carolina Panthers Football Games Charlotte, NC

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Carolina Panthers Football Games Charlotte, NC

Nikita and Joshua's Engagement in Carolina Panthers Football Games Charlotte, NC

How They Asked

Josh and I are big Carolina Panthers fans. So for my graduation from my master’s program back in May, he got me Carolina Panthers tickets that were 8 rows up from the team. It was already going to be a pretty exciting day! We decided to spend the whole weekend in Charlotte just for fun leading up to the game. We took the train from Raleigh to Charlotte and spent the weekend going out to Topgolf, the movies, bowling with friends, and of course eating at places we’ve never been before!

Finally, the big day arrived and we were at our seats with an incredible view of the game and I noticed that halfway through the first quarter he wasn’t paying attention to the game so I said, “what are you looking at? The game is over here” (pointing to the field). He told me to look behind me and SurPurr (the mascot) was right behind me with a Congratulations Nikita sign in his hand. I was so confused.

They asked to take some pics and then when I turned back around Josh was on one knee and I couldn’t move. Tears were coming to my eyes and everyone around us was cheering and taking pictures. He told me how much he loved me and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me! I barely waited for him to ask and already said yes! Next thing I know SurPurr is holding a sign saying “She said yes!”

And he is handing me a bunch of souvenirs from the Panthers. But that was not the last surprise. When I went to FaceTime my mom, Josh said: “why don’t you just go see them, they’re right over there!” Of course, my whole family and his parents were at the game in the Bojangles Box seats, where we headed to see them with a sign for us! We spent the rest of the game back in our original seats. We may not have won the game, but I sure did win big!!