Nikita and Zach

How We Met

We met when I had gone to a friend of mines school to help her teach a sign language class. After we finished the class, my friend and I wanted to play a game to pass the time. So she rounded up some other people and we all sat around to play Apples to Apples. Zach was sitting next to me and wouldn’t hold his cards the correct way so I could easily see every single card in his hand. We chatted some but it never evolved because he was in a relationship(which I didn’t know that or I wouldn’t have talked to him lol) a couple months later I friended him on Facebook and saw that he was single! So we started messaging, and hanging out. 5 years of dating later, we’re engaged!!

how they asked

My best friend from Kentucky, Crissie, her husband Zack, and son Jedediah had come up for the weekend. Crissie and I always take an annual leaving photo. We get all set up for her husband Zack to take the photo. My Zach started poking me. I kept shooing him away telling him that we’re taking a photo can’t it wait?! Lol Since he wouldn’t let up on the poking, I whirled around ready to slug him. There he was on one knee with the Bible opened to 1st Corinthians 13 highlighted, “Will you marry me?” Written on the top, and the ring tied around the string bookmark. He was just grinning, and I asked are you actually proposing right now?! He knodded. I squeal and tell him he needs to actually say it. Before he can even get done saying it, I told him to put the ring on! Lol

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