Nikita and Spencer

Image 1 of Nikita and Spencer

How We Met

We met on a dating app in New Orleans. I was supposed to meet Spencer in person before his 4th of July show in City Park but I was late. I then met his family before actually meeting him in person. Spencer is in the Marine Corps and was stationed in New Orleans while I was finishing up medical school. Fate was sealed when I matched in a pediatric residency at Children’s Hospital New Orleans. I’m now finishing up residency to be a pediatrician and Spencer has since been re-stationed to Virginia. We have been doing the long-distance love through this pandemic which has been tough but it’s true what they say, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.”

How They Asked

He ran out after “getting mad” during a card game. As I sat there confused, his friend handed me a scrapbook. I continued to be confused as to why he wanted to show me his scrapbook. I was told to open it and read the first page and then realized what might be going on. I was driven around town to 6 different spots, collecting poems he wrote to me and photo mementos from friends and family. At the last spot, I was just so excited to see my future fiancé…who was a whole football field away…waiting for me at the end of the beach at sunset. After walking for what felt like an eternity, I finally got to him. I apparently got emotional. He popped the question with the song “You and I” playing. I got more emotional, SAID YES, and jumped on him before he could put the ring on lol. It was thoughtful and perfect and not to mention, I got the man and ring of my dreams 😜