Nikita and Patrell

How We Met: Patrell and I met in 2009 at Fort Valley State University (our Alma Mater). When I first saw Trell, I thought he was stuck up! He had this “I’m too good for anyone” attitude and walked with his chin up at all times. I actually rolled my eyes every time I saw him. We argue all the time about the very first time we officially met, but my version is that we met in one of the dorms passing by each other in the hallway. I was with a friend walking to my dorm room and he was leaving out. We got introduced, briefly, and that was it.

I saw him often because we were both in the same modeling troupe together. Majority of the girls in the modeling troupe thought he was SO fine, and I would say “He’s okay.” Lol! One day, my heel broke during practice which forced me to have to sit out on the side until practice was over. Guess who was sitting down with his chin up? Yup, you guessed it! We had a long conversation and the arrogance that I assumed he had… was true… but somehow I was slightly interested. Something drew me in to him.

As time passed, we became friends and talked for hours and hours on the phone, learning everything possible about each other. At the time, I was in a relationship and so was he. We remained friends, but later realized it was much more than that. We went through many ups and downs because when I became single, he was still dating and could not decide what he wanted to do.

After more than a year of emotional roller coasters, I got fed up and left him alone…. for good. I buried myself in Christ and vowed never to put a man before Him again. Trell and I went months without any communication. I do not remember how we became friends again, but we did. He told me that he realized that I was the one he was supposed to be with. It seemed as though we got to know each other all over again and fell deeper in love… this time with no distractions… the right way.


February 14th, 2013, Patrell asked me to be his and I accepted. September 30th, 2013, we welcomed our first child together (Zayden) into this world. Since then, our relationship has grown SO much. In 2014, we made the decision to FULLY live for Christ. This came with a lot of sacrifices mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually… but it has all been worth it. Our relationship has grown, not only with each other, but through Christ as well. We’re stronger than we have ever been before. This just goes to show what/how God can restore if you put Him first and follow Him.

how they asked: On February 28th, 2015 (what was supposed to be a regular date night), tuned into a surprise proposal. About a week before the proposal, I was in contact with Patrell’s mom (Faye) because we were all planning to go to the UniverSOUL Circus that was in town. At the last minute, she told me the tickets were too expensive and that we will go to Dave and Busters instead. I was extremely upset because I was soooo looking forward to the Circus. When he “date day” came, Patrell’s family was in town to go to Dave and Busters. The plan was to go on our date, then meet everyone afterwards for dinner.

When we got to the Ferris Wheel, we got escorted to a VIP tent that kept us warm while we waited to get on the ride. I had never been on the Ferris wheel downtown, so I was excited. The view was absolutely beautiful to see Atlanta from above. The ride lasted about 30-40 minutes and we got off. When we got off, there were two guys (from Georgia State University) who stopped us and asked if we wanted to participate in a documentary for their class on what our definition of love is.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in SkyView Atlanta Ferris Wheel

Me being me, I politely declined because honestly, I was ready to go eat! Hahaha! Trell said, “babe, let’s just do it.” Hoping it would be quick, I agreed. We both said our definitions of love one at a time and asked where we could see it when it was all put together. When we walked through the tent to leave, standing there was our close friends and family. Our parents were holding signs that said “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” It took me a minute to register who these people were and why they were yelling. I began to cry and looked at Trell, who was on his knee.


He looked at me and said “You gonna say yes?” I was so shocked, I forgot to answer! Lol. I accepted and cried like a baby. The rest is history.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in SkyView Atlanta Ferris Wheel