Niki and Sunny

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How We Met

We were set up! We were both single and living in New Jersey when Sunny got my phone number. He texted me right away (without context or even giving me his name, at first!) and we agreed to meet up for our first date shortly afterward. I thought he was sweet and funny, and I felt comfortable with him right away. Although we were on opposite ends of the state, we started seeing each other regularly right away, and have been inseparable ever since!

How They Asked

It was Memorial Day weekend and both of us were off from work that Monday. The weekend leading up to it was pretty low-key and we spent time with family and friends going to TopGolf (so fun!) and having a relaxed barbecue in the pouring rain :) The morning of Memorial Day I wanted to get breakfast at our local diner and invited one of my best friends to come with us. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary to me!

Later that day, we did some chores around the house – including attempting to do laundry but the dryers were broken! After I draped wet laundry all around my apartment, we started watching “Impractical Jokesters” on Netflix when suddenly Sunny asked if I wanted to get ice cream. As a rule, I never say no to ice cream. I thought we’d get ice cream and get some take out to come back and watch The Bachelor at my apartment with friends.

On the way there, Sunny suggested we take a different route by the pier when walking so that he could “get a picture for Instagram” – which was weird, but I didn’t think anything of it. When we got to the end of Pier A in Hoboken (we often go for walks here, and a few weeks back we had narrowly missed seeing someone else’s proposal), Sunny turned to me and said, “Hey, remember when we missed that proposal here a couple of weeks ago?” And when I said “Yeah…” but before I realized what was happening, he got down on one knee and said, “Don’t miss this one.”

He probably said a lot of nice things after that, but I don’t remember them — you can see the surprise on my face. What I do remember is saying YES to the man of my dreams!

Sunny had planned a perfect evening, even coordinating with a photographer to capture those special moments. After he proposed, both of our families and our closest friends were gathered together at a nearby restaurant to celebrate! I found out later that he had spent weeks planning the day with our friends and families, and it was truly the most perfect proposal I could have ever even hoped for.

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Special Thanks

Amma Rhea
 | Photographer