Niki and Ryan

how we met

We met how any couple these days meet. We locked eyes over online profiles and I saw her looking at me while I was looking at her looking at me. She finally used the funniest pickup line: “my name is Niki, what’s yours?!” I was hooked. We chatted online for a little bit before we decided to meet up for dinner.

how they asked

she and I had picked the ring she wanted and I had a good idea of what I was going to buy when the time came. I did a lot of research and had the normal thought any guy might have: will this be big enough?!” (The answer was yes). But we were heading to Vegas for a wedding one weekend and I had the ring and knew this would be the weekend. We were going to drive to Vegas and I was like Hoover Dam, PERFECT. All was going according to plan, I knew how it would do it, explore, find our way to the middle of the dam, have another tourist take our picture and BAM, here is the ring.

I had the nervous cottonmouth going strong and was all ready, except the ring was in the trunk when we parked, and I couldn’t get 10 seconds to swipe the ring from my bag to execute my plan! Niki insisted on staying super close to me while I got whatever needed out of the trunk (not a normal thing for her to do) and even after a couple of fake “I forgot something in the front the of the cars” to try and shake her off, I had to abort the mission at the dam. Damn. I then decided I would make it happen one of the days we had to explore Vegas so I packed the ring box into my jacket pocket (not at all obvious, btw) and off we went. I settled on the botanical gardens at the Bellagio and as we approached them, as if on queue, the nerves and cottonmouth came out of the woodwork.

I managed to ask a couple of unsuspecting tourists if they could take our picture, and as I put my arm around Niki, I snuck the box into my hand and as she rested her hand on the box, she kinda got confused and started to stammer a bit as I started to go through my carefully rehearsed proposal speech and all I was able to muster was will you make me the happiest… and I was interrupted by an emphatic, “YES!!!” The girls taking our picture were stunned and I do remember them saying congratulations but the rest became a big of a blur of hugs, kisses, “how did you….?’, “when did you have time to get that in Vegas?!?”, ”How long have you been planning this?!?!”, and many more. All in all I think it went okay

Special Thanks

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