Niki and Josh

How We Met

Josh and I are both a part of the same charity organization, and literally met in the streets of New York. The group was trying to head to the subway to get to the Bronx for a Yankees game, but they were going the wrong way. I utilized Josh’s booming voice to get everyone’s attention, and we started talking. He cracked some crass joke and immediately apologized for it, resulting in an entertaining conversation about why a little inappropriate humor is important. Josh told me then that I was stuck with him. I was currently in a relationship at the time, and told him his flirtatious ways wouldn’t get him anywhere (famous last words), and we went our separate ways. We reconnected a few days later online, slowly built a friendship, and a few months later, started dating!

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One of our first dates was in Bryant Park, so Josh and I had planned to have another mini date there after work. The weather was perfect, so he met me at the office and showed all my coworkers the ring while I went to the bathroom! We grabbed a table in the park after I got off work and sat and talked for awhile. He kept slipping in sweet comments (which he does all the time, so no suspicion there) and finally told me to cover my eyes so that he could get out the surprise he had told me about earlier in the day. He then set up his GoPro to capture my reaction and told me to open my eyes… and the rest is history!

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