Nika and Sean

How We Met

It all started when I received a call from my older sister, “Nika! Come out with us tonight, we’re going to see Riff Raff at the Whiskey!”. I proceeded with an eye roll but was immediately convinced when she mentioned that there was going to be an open bar. With that said, I was dragged from my home by my sister and her few friends. We arrived at our table at the Whiskey a go-go prior to Riff Raff going on stage. I conversed with my sister and her close friends while trying to stray away from a few lurkers. Anyways, after I got a few drinks in me, I went to the bathroom and underwent the infamous “OMG you are so pretty!” to another girl in the bathroom. After complementing one another for five minutes, she invited me to meet her boyfriend and his best friend on the dance floor. I agreed. I met her man and looked next to him to find a tall, 6-foot gentleman with good style. In my head, I was like either he is taken or he isn’t interested. However, all I remember from that night is locking eyes with him, tuning out the horrible rapping in the background, and wanting more. The concert ended and we parted ways. The next morning I woke up with his number in my notes on my phone. I was too scared to text him and had bad luck with past relationships so I didn’t think it would go anywhere. After two months of back and forth communication, I finally went to his apartment and its as if we picked up the conversation from when we last met to when we saw one another. We ended up hanging out every weekend, which turned into every few days, and eventually every day. We were best friends for a few months. Shortly, we became lovers. Now, he’s my best friend, lover, partner, and soulmate. The most interesting of it all is that we both went to the same two concerts prior to the riff-raff one…so it was as if the universe wanted us to finally meet on October 2012.

how they asked

After six years of being together and living together, it became quite complicated for Sean to surprise me. We both work full-time. I am a nutritionist and he is a Tesla car salesman. He killed his month of sales and told me to keep Saturday, September 29 free all day. I found it kind of odd because he never asked me to do this before, but he also assured me that since he went above his sales goals, he wanted to just take me out. With that said, I didn’t budge to bug him about it. When Saturday came, he told me to pack a bag with warm pajamas, a bikini, and a nice dress. I rushed to pack my bags and we were out of the door!

As we were driving for 20 minutes, he took a right turn onto PCH and I started to get excited. After 40 more minutes of driving, turning up hills, and appreciating the views of the Santa Monica mountains, we entered the woods of Malibu. When we pulled up, the parking sign said “Safari chic tent” and I was so confused. He walked me up onto a beaten-off trail and after five minutes of hiking up tire stairs, we made it! There it was, a beautiful tent with rose petals in the middle of the woods. He still tried to downplay the occasion and just reassured me that I deserved a relaxing getaway. After two hours of relaxation, a lady comes from the corner with food!

Nika and Sean's Engagement in In the middle of the woods in Malibu! Specifically in a safari chic tent!

Proposal Ideas In the middle of the woods in Malibu! Specifically in a safari chic tent!

She informs us that we will have a three coursed meal, prepared by herself, at the main AIRBNB property. She was a private chef just for us! She lit a nice candle for us and fed us with a summer salad straight from the garden, a roasted chicken dish with garden veggies, and a rhubarb tart to finish it off. When we took our last bite, Sean asked our private chef for a picture. We took so many that my smile was about to fall off. Little did I know she began filming.

Sean started to turn his body towards me and all of a sudden my heart dropped. He whispered to me, “Nika, you are the best thing that has happened in my life” and he goes down on one knee, “will you be my wife?”. I couldn’t stop crying and we ended the night with a bottle of champagne and sleeping under the stars in our tent. It was the most amazing and thoughtful proposal. I’m becoming a Randall!