Nika and Darius

How We Met

Darius and I initially met at my 21st birthday party in 2012 where he was a plus one of a friend. My first impression of him was that he had a really cool laid back vibe which made it easy to welcome him to the party. This initial meeting wasn’t the spark because we both had other things going on in our lives so it wasn’t even a thought and we saw each other in group settings 2 or 3 times after that but only basic “hi, how are you” interaction.

Fast forward to November 2014 At another friend’s Birthday party and guess who was invited…of course It was Darius. sometime towards the end of the night we were seated next to each other and began to talk about what seemed to be like everything and realized we had a lot in common. This was the conversation that ignited the spark that brought us too this proposal 5 years later…

How They Asked

3 weeks prior to the proposal Darius decided that every Friday we should do date night (Quarantine date night of course) and that we should make it a competition who can come up with the best indoor dates. In my competitive nature, I was all for it and immediately started brainstorming ideas. Darius started it off cooking one of my favorite dishes (Fettuccine Alfredo). Next week I followed with an indoor picnic that had me feeling like round 1 was mine!!!

Image 1 of Nika and Darius

It was Darius turn again and when I got home from work it was seemingly getting off to a bad start because he locked the top lock of the door which I hate when he does (and I made it a point to express out loud as I fumble with my keys.) But it was all a stalling tactic to get my reaction to the beautiful set up he had waiting inside, a tented romantic picnic setting. All I could think was “how will I top this next week?”

We had Hors d’oeuvres in the tent and dinner at the table and then it was time for dessert. He sat on the table a beautiful tray with a strawberry shortcake and fresh strawberries around it and 2 spoons. It looked so amazing I had to take a picture for the gram lol. As I was about to post the photo to my Insta story I noticed something reflected in the spoon so I look at the spoon and saw engraved in the spoon the words “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” I was so shocked that my reply to the spoon was “ this spoon says will you marry me?… what do you mean???” As Darius got down on one knee I couldn’t believe this moment was finally here and all I could say was OF COURSE, YES!!

the proposal wasn’t over there he pulled out this awesome mask that read FUTURE MRS AND FUTURE MR (custom made by our dear friend Nicole Fouche @fouchebride on Instagram) to take an epic quarantine proposal photo! The cherry on top was the video he made of our families and friends wishing us congratulations!!!

Image 3 of Nika and Darius

Our Video

Special Thanks

Nicole Fouche
 | Made our engagement masks