Nihal and Sedat

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How We Met

When I first saw Sedat in 2016, I could non stop looking after him.Then he found my phone number and reached me.From that day we have had the ups and downs, but I’m very in love with Sedat. she never ever upset and didn’t break me, so lucky. I was happy every morning when I woke up, but he said he wasn’t so happy, so he made me the luckiest person on the morning of the 14th February. It’s time to marry this world we grew up with love.The world is so much more beautiful now that we dream and live!

how they asked

In Cappadocia, we went to for a holiday. Sedat was very excited and told me not to wait for the sunrise that would surprise me. We woke up in the morning of 14 February, we were going to have breakfast by watching the sunrise and flying fire balloons on the hotel terrace.

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I was very surprised when I saw the table and the small details, and I started to understand. Then he stole a piece of music from behind and looked at the eyes and said magic words; WİLL YOU MARRY ME?

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