Nida and Jaser

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Portland, OR

I’m from Dallas and she’s from Portland. Being in a long distance relationship, my girlfriend and I didn’t get to see each other very much. I finally found an opportunity to surprise her with a trip to Portland. She had no idea I was visiting so when I showed up she thought it was just a cute little surprise. I convinced her to get ready for a fancy dinner in downtown. I asked her to leave a little early since I wanted to go for a walk at the park as they recently opened up a new exhibit. She was hungry but I managed to convince her by telling her I wanted to take lots of cute pictures of her – she really really loves that! While walking around at the park I was able to take her to a platform where there was a big “MARRY ME” sign made of rose petals. She thought it was cute and since there was a crowd gathering around waiting to watch the proposal, we did the same. This is where I changed things up, I got up and started to give her a heartfelt message openly and let her know this was all for her. She couldn’t believe it and she started to tear up and cry. I took her by the hands and walked with her to the flowers and platform. I got on my knee and asked her the question…the question I knew I wanted to ask her since the moment I laid eyes on her.

Proposal Ideas Portland, OR