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How We Met

It was March 2014 and I had been invited to a party in New Jersey by one of my sorority sisters. I was fairly new to the area, so I was excited about having a chance to get out and hopefully meet some people. One of Andre’s good friends, who I knew previously, came over to our table at the party and insisted that I had to meet Andre. So I said “bring him over.” Andre approached the table and I reached out to shake his hand, but instead he gave me a hug. I was quite impressed with his attire—navy blue blazer, white button up, jeans— and I found him to be quite attractive. I was slightly nervous, which is unusual for me, but I mustered up the courage to compliment him. “Wow, I usually don’t see guys around here who can dress this nice,” I remember saying. We both laughed and chatted for a bit and then he left to greet others at the party. Later that night, he came back to the table and asked if we could exchange numbers.

He was going to a bar after the party with his friends and invited me to come. I was exhausted and had to work the next day, so I declined. He texted me a few times within the next month and asked me to hang out once or twice but each time I wasn’t available. I kind of figured we would end up just being friends and I hadn’t gauged his level of interest. I think it was because he was only texting me, and I prefer phone conversations. The following month, I called him for help with an event my job was hosting. During the conversation he asked if it would be OK if he called me. A bit confused, I said “umm OK.” And he replied “No, I mean every day. I want to call you every day.” I smiled. That evening, he called me when I got home from work. We talked for over an hour and he asked me out to dinner that week. I would say that first date was likely the best first date I have ever been on. We had so much in common and I felt so connected to him. After two years of dating we took a leap a faith and embarked on a long distance relationship. We are both steadfast in our career pursuits but it has never separated our hearts. In fact, we’ve grown closer and there’s no one else I’d rather conquer this world with but Andre!

how they asked

It was the eve of my birthday and Andre had flown in to spend the weekend celebrating with me. He told me he made dinner reservations at a “surprise” restaurant and that we would go out with some friends afterwards. He spent the day chauffeuring me around to get my hair and makeup done because I wanted to celebrate my 29th birthday in style. After I got dressed that evening, Andre rushed me out the house because he seemingly wanted to be early for the reservation. We arrived downtown and pulled up to valet at Coach Insignia, one of Detroit’s top restaurants with a 72nd floor view of the city’s skyline and Canada. I was so excited. As we enjoyed a romantic dinner, I noticed slightly unusual behavior from Andre such as him texting on his phone, taking an extended trip to the restroom and asking the manager to move us to a different table because of poor lighting. However, I never stopped to think he had anything like a proposal up his sleeve. I was told we wouldn’t be getting engaged until later in the year. After dinner, Andre motioned for the waiter to come over and take a photo of us in front of the window. As we posed, I observed the waiter stalling with photos and actually taking video. I told Andre the waiter might need assistance with the iPhone.

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When we got back into position for the photo, Andre took a step back and grabbed my hand. Before I knew it, he was down on one knee asking me to marry him. The moment literally took my breath away. As the camera lights flashed around me, I nodded my yes, but I knew that he needed to hear it. “Yes!” I said, while still trying to catch my breath and stop the tears from rolling down my cheeks.

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The night didn’t end there. Two of our friends surprised me at the restaurant and led us to an Uber waiting outside. They told me we were going to a nearby bar to celebrate the engagement and bring in my birthday. We arrived at a lounge downtown, and I walked in to find all of our family and friends were there to surprise me! The night was incredible. We enjoyed champagne toasts and cake with loved ones who traveled from far and near.

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We haven’t set a wedding date yet, but we’re hoping for Fall 2018!

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