Nicollette and Phillip

How We Met: Phillip and i were set up by my cousin, Brandi and Phillip’s best friends wife, Nicole. Brandi first sent my mom a text asking if I was dating anyone because she wanted to set me up with someone. My Mom told her that I was not seeing anyone so Brandi gave Nicole my phone number to give to Phillip to text me. Phillip sent me a text while he was on his lunch break in September of 2014 and we scheduled to meet up on September 13th, 2014 at a Starbucks halfway in between. On the drive there I was so nervous. Many emotions ran through my mind and I even debated turning around and going home. When I pulled into Starbucks, I saw him sitting outside in a red shirt and I got very nervous. That night we talked for about 5 hours getting to know each other and just talking. My best friend, Ashley, who is now my Matron of Honor, even debated showing up at Starbucks because I wasn’t responding to her and she was nervous. Phillip and I met up a couple more times half way in between our houses to get to know each other since we live an hour and a half apart. Finally, on October 17th at a Luke Bryan concert, Phillip asked me to officially be his girlfriend.

Image 1 of Nicollette and Phillip

how they asked: On Sunday, June 7th 2015, Phillip and I went to a Classic Car show in Capitola, CA.When we got to the show he told me he wanted to go for a walk. I didn’t think that much of it because we had gone on our first mini road tip there and I just figured he wanted to go take our new puppy, Cash, to the water. So we started walking along the beach to an area where the tide wasn’t reaching and the sea rocks were all exposed. We walked for about 5 minutes before I told him that I was tired and that this was far enough. He said to keep walking because we weren’t far enough. We walked another 5 minutes to a secluded area with a mini cove built into the side of the cliff. He told me to come inside the cliff with him and when I joined him, he got down on one knee. He was holding the puppy in one hand and pulled out the ring with the other. As he pulled it out the puppy tried to eat the ring and managed to get the ring in his mouth. Phillip panicked and pulled the ring out, placing it on my finger. We hugged and kissed and cried (well i did anyway). My ring is so special to me because it was my Grandmother’s ring from the 1950’s when she got engaged. Phillip had a new diamond put inside it and had the band and setting updated.

Image 2 of Nicollette and Phillip