Nicolette and Vincent

how they asked

Nicolette & Vincent met from a mutual friend of theirs in 2013. They have the same personalities and interest, they hit it off so quickly. On December 17 2015 Vincent took Nicolette to the Tree in Rockefeller Center. The weather was pouring raining outside. By the time he took her to the tree the rain had stopped and was 60 degrees. 60 degrees in December, which is not normal. Not knowing that on this date 12 years ago someone very close to Nicolette passed away, her grandfather. They took photos in front of the tree with their family then they were taking photos of just them two.

Image 1 of Nicolette and Vincent

Three photographs later, Vincent got down on one knee and ask Nicolette to marry him, and of course she said yes. After picking up their photography photos Nicolette noticed the angels in the background. She came to realize her grandfather had designed those Angels. This gave her and him a sense of peace, and that someone was there that day watching over them. Nicolette & Vincent are happily planning their wedding which is on July 7, 2017 , and they both can’t wait!

Image 2 of Nicolette and Vincent