Nicolette and Sameer

how we met

Sameer and I first met at a club. He was taking photos for an event and we crossed paths and he took a photo of me. That was that. A few days later I received a MySpace message from him and the rest is history!

how they asked

It was absolutely not a surprise one bit. I take the blame for that 100%. I knew it was coming because I basically picked out the ring and snooped enough to find out exactly when he planned to get down on one knee. Problem was, plans were changing in regards to what we planned to do that year for NYE and I knew he wouldn’t propose in a crowd. So instead of being patient and waiting, I told him I knew it he had the ring in his closet and I knew he was planning NYE.

I wish I could fluff this story up and make it sound sweet and me less of a brat, but I can’t because I flat out asked for the ring. The End. Actually, I gave it back to him and he later (that same day) asked me to merry him. It was sweet in our own way.

Special Thanks

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