Nicolette and Ronnie

How We Met

Well it was about mid September and I just so happen to be scrolling on Facebook. I noticed how great Ronnie had looked after losing 100 lbs. My friend Lindsay had been playing on a co-ed Softball team with him. After talking to Lindsay about Ronnie she told me how he was single and had been working as a corrections officer for Flagler County. That night at her softball game she had told Ronnie about me and how I loved being on the water and how I had lost 60 lbs the previous year. That night Ronnie had asked Lindsay to give me his number. I remember being so nervous to text him. I wasn’t sure what to talk about but I did it any way. We ended up talking for hours and found out we had so much in common. We both had lost a substantial amount of weight, we both enjoy everything about the beach and salt water, how we could fish for hours and how we both really enjoy sports and being with friends and family. I had never felt such a connection with someone before. We texted back and forth for about a week before we actually went out on our first date.

I will never forget how nervous we both were. Ronnie had told me he was an hour early for our date and did not know what to do so he drove around talking to his friend on the phone about what we should talk about on our date. I on the other hand was talking to my parents about how I had never really been out on a first date and had no idea what do to. By the time Ronnie had come over both my parents were standing in the kitchen waiting to meet him. The look on his face was priceless because he had no idea my parents would be there, but like the gentle man he is he shook their hands and introduced himself. Right off the bat my dad could tell there was something different about him, something good. That night we had went to St. Augustine. We went out to eat, walked around and of course ended the night with a walk on the beach! Could not have been any more perfect!

how they asked

Ronnie had been planning a trip to Satellite beach for a few months to celebrate our anniversary (October 5th). He had booked us a beautiful house right on the beach to where we could literally walk out the back door and step on the sand to the beach. It was breathtaking! A few days before we were supposed to go to Satellite beach hurricane Matthew had popped up on the radar! We were so nervous and wanted to do something amazing for our anniversary. The day before we were supposed to leave for vacation the owner of the beach house contacted Ronnie and said he was boarding up the house to leave town and we could not come and would get a full refund. We were heart broken. Hurricane came and gone and the beaches got destroyed. We still wanted to go away but were unsure of where we wanted to go.

For years I had passes the cutest Inn in Flagler beach called Si Como No Inn. So beachy and just the most relaxing place. I had told Ronnie about it months ago but never thought anything of it. Well sure enough he had surprised me and booked the Inn for us to say in from October 21-23. I was so excited to finally be staying there and be able to wake up and walk right across to the beach. Yet Ronnie had told me on the way there that he booked another surprise for me, we were going to have a couples photoshoot done to celebrate our anniversary. Ronnie knows I am in love with photography and I am all about having a bunch of pictures since my original major in college was photography. Again I was amazed that Ronnie kept surprising me with things I have always wanted to do!

So we got all dressed up and met our outstanding photographer Haley Martin. The three of us walked down to the beach and started talking some shots of us just as boyfriend and girlfriend. You know the typical couple pictures! As Haley had suggested I take a couple single shots Ronnie stood off to the side. I posed for a few pictures until Haley had announced she saw a dolphin behind me in the water. Also being an animal lover I turned around in excitement to see the beautiful creature at bay. I scanned the water but did not see the dolphin. As I turned back around I had found Ronnie on one knee and pulling a box out of his pocket. I was in awe.

Ronnie had pulled out a stunning ring and asked me to be his wife. I of course said yes and I of course cried. Right there I knew that this man was someone I had to have in my life forever and I could never let him go!

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