Nicolette and Roger

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How We Met

Roger and I met our junior year at Plano Senior High. My best friend had history class with Roger and I had classes with some of his closest friends from middle school. From there, they took it upon themselves to match make us together. I remember the first time I saw Roger in the library, our friends had tried to plan it so that we could finally get to meet each other. The thing that stood out to me the most was his smile and contagious laughter. I remember always trying to find ways to run into Roger after that meeting, whether it be changing my route to get from class to class or hanging out with our friends, hoping that he would be there. He would always make fun of me because I am the world’s clumsiest person, always tripping over everything, and he would always have to catch me, literally, when I fell.

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Roger asked me out on October 30th, 2010 with a construction hat and a note that said “for all the times I won’t be there to protect you, hopefully this will”. So cheesy, but so perfect.

Proposal Ideas Austin, TX

We’ve been together for a little over 8 years. We graduated high school and college together, brought two goldens (Poohbear and Alden) into our lives, road tripped to 25 states with Poohbear, and are currently in our third year of medical school together. He is my biggest supporter, my protector, and the one who always knows exactly what I need. He joins me on all my crazy ideas (my worst one was probably when I made us drive up the Mountains in Fayetteville at 5 AM, when it was pitch black, to get sunrise photos at Hawksbill Crag), and shares my love for adventures with our two goldens. Our journey hasn’t been perfect, but to me, it comes pretty close.

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How They Asked

Austin has always been our go to city when we have a long weekend. We go for the dog parks, trails, and of course, the food. We had just finished our last shelf exam of the semester and decided that we wanted to take the boys out. When we got there Thursday Night, we were not prepared for the cold weather at all. We had originally planned on getting ice cream before going to the hotel, but as soon as we got out of the car, we were met with 30 mph winds and close to freezing temps, so we stayed in.

The next day, we bundled up in all of our layers, me in my typical dinky hiking outfit, and Roger with two jackets and a buttoned down long sleeve. I made so much fun of him for wearing a nicer outfit on our hike because it is a given that we would get wet/muddy from the boys jumping all over us. We did a three-mile loop with the boys that morning in the freezing weather, and of course, I fell into the creek so my boots were soaked. Following that, we stopped at Gordough’s for lunch, and lucky for us, their outdoor patio had run out of propane tanks, so there was no heat as we sat outside with our dogs. It was a pretty crummy day, but honestly I couldn’t be happier because I was spending it with my little family unit.

After lunch, Roger suggested that we bring the boys to the “You’re my butter half” wall, and I thought it was a great idea. We hadn’t been back to that wall in three years, and I had the boys’ best friend bandanas in the car for them to wear. Right before we got the camera ready for the boys, Roger turned to me and said, “you honestly could not look more like a Nicolette right now even if you tried,” as I stood there in my shoes that were still sloshing with water, my hair that was straight but now poofy because of the weather, and my typical hiking outfit.

We took a few shots of the boys by themselves and then Roger wanted to do some family pictures. Typically, when we take family photos, I set the camera to a 10 second countdown and then it shoots 10 photos so we hopefully can get a good one. We tried three times to get a good family shot, but the boys were not having it. On the fourth try, I set the timer, hit the button, and ran from the camera to get into the shot. As I grabbed Alden for the photo, Roger kneeled down when the camera started shooting, and the rest was history.