Nicolette and John Luke

How We Met

After I graduated from undergrad I worked in a pediatric unit as a tech. I worked at a teaching hospital so it was very common for medical students to be coming in and out of the unit. John was a medical student at the time. I remember it so clearly as if time stood still. I walked up to him to tell him about a patient’s vital signs and he looked up at me and smiled. I nearly fell over. He was so the cutest thing I have ever seen. I remember going home that day and tell my mom “Mom, I met the dreamiest man today but he’s a doctor so he will probably never be interested in me.” As the year goes on we kept seeing each other walking into work and out at bars. We always had an amazing and very easy conversation. We definitely had this gravitational connection that I know we both felt but he had a girlfriend at the time so we kept it very friendly and he was always extremely respectful of her.

I was heading off to get my masters as a physician assistant in a program an hour and a half away so although I was bummed he was taken, it wasn’t exactly the best time to be starting a relationship. On my last day of work I emailed him, said my goodbyes and told him how wonderful of a doctor he will be. ( He is truly an amazing doctor) And that was that for a while. I wondered if I will ever see him again but was so busy at school, I didn’t have much time to think about anything else. A little over a year and a half into PA school I get a message from him on Facebook asking how school was going and I was doing. (he and his girlfriend had been broken up, no cheating occurred in the making of this marriage lol) Before I even replied I called my mom and was like “MOM, you will never believe who just messaged me!!” That day I did not do any of my studying and we talked for hours. We have talked every day since and now I get to talk to him every day for the rest of my life!!!!

How They Asked

My fiancé is writing a book. I read the book when we started dating and it’s amazing. The book is about a young artist who lives in NY and falls in love. When we first started dating he mentioned a few times to me that I remind him of a character in his book. When I read it I understood what he meant. The characters’ relationship in the book was freakishly similar to ours in many ways. I knew he was working on this book here and there but didn’t know the scene he was writing was the proposal scene. Weeks before he proposed he gave me these invitations to brunch and a yoga-themed art show. I love yoga and one of our close friends is an artist so I thought “of course, that sounds awesome!” When we get to the art show we were the only ones there.

There was a table with mimosas and a photographer there to “take pictures of the event.” He explained that we must be early and we mine as well pour ourselves a drink and check out the art. The paintings were beautiful and all my favorite music was playing. How I had no idea what was happening is beyond me. When we get to the last painting he gets down on one knee. The best moment of my life. I was completely shocked and immediately started ugly crying. When I finally composed myself I realized that each painting represented a different memory we have shared together in our relationship.

Nicolette and John Luke's Engagement in Sunken Gardens at Highland Park

It gets better… at the end of the art show was champagne, 2 glasses with our names and the date engraved in them and the proposal scene of his book printed for me to read. The cover read “How my story became our story.” He proposed to me the same way, using the same words, as the character his book so that I can relive it any time I want. Believe it or not, this is the short version as there are so many beautiful and thoughtful details. I pinch myself every day to make sure the is real life. Beyond grateful to have this thoughtful, romantic man by my side for the rest of my life.

Nicolette's Proposal in Sunken Gardens at Highland Park

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