Nicolette and Geno

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How We Met

We met on Hinge and texted here and there for a couple of months before we actually met in person. Geno asked me to meet him at Madd Hatter in Hoboken on a Sunday night. We had a few drinks and the rest is history!

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How They Asked

Geno and I left our apartment Sunday, December 6th for what I thought was just a fun weekend in the city. Little did I know he had something else planned! We pulled up to The Royalton Hotel in NYC and it was beautiful. During check-in, we were told we had been upgraded to one of the most expensive rooms in the hotel! We got in the elevator and I asked Geno what floor and he said PH. Did I say like PENTHOUSE? I was so surprised and had no idea that he actually paid for it and this was all part of the plan. (HE wrote to the hotel concierge to say “We were lucky and upgraded at no cost.”) We then got ready and walked over to Rockefeller Center. We checked in and started skating. During our session, I noticed a photographer taking pictures of everyone on the ice–and sort of pointed it out to him that someone was taking our pictures with everyone else. Towards the end of our skate session, Geno grabbed my hand and approached the photographer who acted surprised. He said, “It’s ok we can tell her, she knows, I bought the VIP photo package.” The photographer played along with it perfectly and said that when everyone was done skating we would get a picture alone on the ice in front of the tree. Our time ice skating was up and everyone left the ice. We stayed and posed for a picture with the photographer as she told us where to position for the perfect shot of the tree. I didn’t notice it but she gave Geno a thumbs up and then all of a sudden our song, the same one he asked me to be his girlfriend too, “Yours” by Russel Dickerson, came blasting through all the speakers at Rockefeller center. Geno, tears in his eyes, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Fighting back all tears and emotion I was able to yell at Yes! Everyone around the Rockerfeller Center started cheering and clapping! Then after a few photos, he had one surprise left and that was to end the night at a restaurant he always wanted to take me to, STK lounge. We ended the night with dinner at STK and complimentary champagne and dessert! It was the best night of our lives!

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Special Thanks

Ash Fox
 | Photographer