Nicolette and Anthony

How We Met

In the fall of 2015, we met at the college we were both attending, LeMoyne College. It was our junior year and we had mutual friends. We met up at our local Italian Festival in downtown Syracuse. As soon as I looked at Anthony, I thought “wow he is SO handsome.” I became all flustered and blushed like crazy.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Walt Disney World @ Cinderella’s Castle

I remember praying that he would text me the next day and of course…. HE DID! He asked me out on another date and we planned for him to pick me up after class and we went to Tully’s for dinner and drinks. Our conversations were so deep in connection, we decided to go on another one the next day to our local hiking spot, Chittenango Falls, to admire the fall foliage. When we got there, he took my hand to start our hike and I knew… he was the one!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Walt Disney World @ Cinderella’s Castle

Nicolette's Proposal in Walt Disney World @ Cinderella’s Castle

How They Asked

We had been planning a trip to Disney World for months and the time finally came… and so did Covid-19😭. Nothing was stopping us from going to Disney- we were determined with hand sanitizer and all! We were going to celebrate Anthony’s first time, my 25th birthday and my MA graduation. I had pinned so many posts to my Pinterest board about what poses we were going to do in front of Cinderella’s castle not thinking any of them would be him down on one knee and showing my ring! We finally made it in front of the castle and my mom was taking our picture.

I asked Anthony to turn around with me so we could hold our hands up in the air in front of the castle and then he said “ hold on I have to tie my shoe” me, not thinking anything of it just said “ok hurry up!!” All of a sudden I felt a tap on my shoulder for me to turn around and he was down on one knee. All I could hear was “this has been a long time coming” and within seconds I lost it. I fell into his arms and all I could feel was his heart racing and then he asked again “ so was that a yes!?” and I looked him in the eyes and through my happy tears I cried “YES”!!!

Ever since I was a little girl my favorite place to go was Walt Disney World. I would go every year with my mom and dad and my dream was to have my happily ever after in front of Cinderella’s Castle. Not only is it the happiest place on earth, but it’s magical! Anthony made all of my fairytale dreams come true! 👑✨

Special Thanks

Cindy- Mother of the bride
 | Photographer