Nicolette and Andrea

How We Met

Hesitant, not wanting to be “set up”, it took three months for Andrea and I to finally meet. Some may say we had no choice. It was fate. We were destined to meet eventually, and eventually we did. On December 10, 2014 the stars aligned and Andrea and I met for the first time. Andrea was attending his goddaughters dance recital, which was held at the school where I work. When finally given the opportunity, our mutual friend jumped at the chance to connect the two of us, knowing without a doubt, that we would make the perfect couple. And the perfect couple we soon became.

From that December day, our lives both changed forever. Andrea and I finally agreed to go on a double date with our mutual friends. On December 18th, we both left our homes nervous, but excited. Excited to see one another, excited to see where this could go. The four our of met for dinner and drinks, laughing, talking, and enjoying one another’s company. The date ended, but our story was just beginning.

That night, Andrea asked me for my number. We spoke every single day following our double date. Andrea asked Me on our first official date on December 23, 2014. Not knowing it at the time, the number 23 would soon become important number to us as a new couple.

All of the wonderful moments shared between Andrea and I coincidently occurred on the 23rd.

Their First Date: 12/23/2014

Their First Kiss: 01/23/15

I Love You: 07/23/15

Engaged!: 11/23/16

Our love story is that of a fairytale. Two strangers, destined to meet, fall in love, and live happily ever after!

how they asked

After a week of rain, wind, and numbingly chilly weather, November 23, 2016 arrived. The skies opened, the sun shined through, and winds calmed. A picture perfect day for a picture perfect engagement. It was as if someone in heaven above calmed the weather so that Andrea and I could have the perfect weather for our outdoor engagement.

Andrea spent months, precisely planning our engagement to make it the most magical and romantic proposal I had ever seen. There was no detail that Andrea left unnoticed. Everything he planned for that November day was thought about and planned with the utmost love and affection.

Andrea proposed to Me on November 23, 2016 in the most romantic way, and with the most beautiful backdrop imaginable. Andrea, over the course of a few weeks, created poster boards for me. The four posters were filled with pictures of us , notes written from Andrea to me, hearts, and most importantly- they were filled with Andrea’s love. They were certainly a sight to be seen, and something that would make anyone’s heart instantly feel their love.

Andrea asked me to meet him at Pier 115, the place where we shared our first date. He told me he was meeting with a client and asked if I would meet him there after. Little did I know, our friends and family were there secretly awaiting my arrival in a private room.

Image 1 of Nicolette and Andrea

Andrea set up the boards along the pier, along with candles and flower petals. When I finally arrived, I made my way to the back pier. At that moment, when I stepped outside, our song “Thinking Out Loud,” began to play and Andrea was there waiting for me. I made my way through the boards, stopping to open and read each board.

Image 2 of Nicolette and Andrea

Image 3 of Nicolette and Andrea

Finally, at the last board as I was turned, opening the board, Andrea got down on one knee. I turned back around and he asked me to spend forever with him!

Image 4 of Nicolette and Andrea

Image 5 of Nicolette and Andrea

Following the proposal, Andrea escorted me to the private room where everyone was waiting to celebrate with us. We entered the room, me, shocked to see everyone and Andrea beaming with happiness.

Image 6 of Nicolette and Andrea

Andrea and I, so incredibly happy to be engaged, were excited to celebrate our love with those who love us!

Image 7 of Nicolette and Andrea

Image 8 of Nicolette and Andrea

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