Nicoletta and Daire

Nicoletta's Proposal in cliffs of Dover, Kent UK

how they asked

We both had a rough week, so he surprised me with a romantic weekend away: “Good Morning Amore, pack a small bag for the night, I am taking you away but you are not allowed to know where!” such a cute idea, I thought! So we jumped in the car and drove from London where we live to the Cliffs of Dover, in the south East of England. I love traveling and the outdoors and I was excited to explore this new spot… as we walked along the trail path, we wanted to take some pictures with a nice scenery, so we wandered off almost to the edge. The wind was very strong and it was pushing me, but I was committed to taking a nice shot, so I gave Daire my handbag to hold while I was concentrating on taking the photo. And this is when it happened, I turned around and he was there, on his knee saying to me words I cannot remember, but that sounded like “these past 6 years have been amazing and I know that you are the one for me” I burst into tears and so did he! I only remembered saying YES!!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in cliffs of Dover, Kent UK