Nicoleta and Julian

How We Met

We met on a summer day when we less waited to meet the love of our life. There was no thought at all that after years we’ll be together. Furthermore, the 10 years gap between us and living in 2 different countries made us believe that living a beautiful love story would be impossible. So we fought with the illusion of impossible, to make it a reality we are now living and which got us closer.

How They Asked

I am living in Italy, but my boyfriend in the Republic of Moldova. We were preparing his visit here in Tuscany, Italy. I didn’t expect at all what was he planning in secret. On a day we planned to visit Portofino, where I enthusiastically accepted to go.

He was full of emotions, which I didn’t get, but with no guesses for what was going to happen. In those seconds of my life, I felt I was dreaming and couldn’t believe it was real, so I was trying to figure out how to wake up because this reality was too amazing to be real.

Our Video