Nicole and Ryan

How We Met

Ryan and I met through the online dating app, Hinge. I was living in north Denver and he was all the way in Colorado Springs, about two hours apart. When we first started messaging I instantly knew he was someone that I would get along with and was excited about the opportunity to meet in person. However, with both our busy schedules and distance between us it took about a month for us to finally set a date. Ryan picked a rockies game on July 12th and the rest is history. On that first date I learned that he would be deploying in 6 months for a whole 9 months. However, we continued our relationship and by the time the deployment rolled around I was all in, 120%.

Nicole and Ryan's Engagement in Beaver Run Resort Breckenridge

We spent the next 9 months scheduling Face Time dates, late night phone calls or writing cards to each other. It was hard but I truly believe that those 9 months apart made us stronger than ever and I will never take our relationship for granted. When he got home we immediately moved in together and have spent every day together since. Our relationship has moved fast, but with Ryan, life is happier, easier, full of laughter and love and I know that everything will be okay as long as we are together. I am so excited about our next chapter together!

how they asked

In February of 2017 my best friend texted asking if Ryan and I wanted to go on a group ski trip up in Breckenridge. We had all been trying to get something planned so I jumped on the opportunity and we made plans for a hotel room for the weekend of March 10, 2017. Fast forward to Friday, March 10; I had a very long day at work and was anxious to get through traffic and on our way up the mountain to relax with friends. Ryan and I got off work earlier from the rest of the group so we headed up the mountain to check into the hotel and then meet up for dinner once they made it. As we got closer to the hill my best friend texted letting us know that the hotel would be under Ryan or my name and that it was Beaver Run Resort.

Ryan and I both laughed because this was the hotel that we claim to have fallen in love in on a previous trip up there with his brother and sister-in-law. It also happens to be the same hotel that my dad proposed to my mom 30 years ago! But still, I thought nothing of this because I figured my friends would be joining us shortly.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Beaver Run Resort Breckenridge

Once we checked into the hotel we made our way up to the room. When I opened the door I saw flowers and champagne and instantly knew what was coming. Ryan proceeded to explain to me that none of my friends where coming and then got down on one knee to ask me to marry him (insert a lot of other sweet things from him that I cannot remember due to shock)! I also learned later that he had sent his go pro to the hotel weeks before so they could set it up and capture photos of our special moment.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Beaver Run Resort Breckenridge

We then called all our family and friends to share the exciting news and spent the rest of the weekend in our favorite town, soaking in the excitement of being newly engaged! On Sunday we had planned to head down to Castle Rock to go to lunch with my parents, and according to them we had reservations at 12:30p.m. When we arrived they rushed out to give us hugs and trailing behind them was Ryans mom who lives in Chicago. I instantly was in tears as I was so surprised and happy to see her. Then as I turned around my parents garage door opened and about 50 people yelled surprised. Everyone from my best college friends from out of state to my aunt and uncle from Kansas City were there to celebrate with Ryan and I. The rest of the day was spent mostly with happy tears as we shared our special moment with everyone that we love!