Nicole and Oliver

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How We Met

Four years ago, I moved to Miami after grad school ready to focus on my new job At Burger King corporation. I thought I would gain a couple pounds from my love of Whoppers but what I gained was the love of my life. On our first date, we bonded over our love of Boston sports, family, and Chandler Bing. Fast forward through our ups, downs, and endless nights falling asleep to friends episodes.

how they asked

It was a long week of work and to top it off my Friday was spent mopping floors and working the drive thru at a nearby Burger King restaurant. Which was task that is required by the corporation to do annually. Little did I know that this random Friday was also the day Oliver had been planning our engagement. Oliver got word of my Friday work plans and scrambled to delay my getting home ..he let my work colleague (who was working at the restaurant with me) in on the secret, and she did her best to distract me ..even making me drive an hour to a farther store. I was still clueless.

Nicole's Proposal in Miami

I opened the door to our apartment smelling like fries and found our living room decked out in flowers, melted candles and my Burger King on one knee.

Nicole and Oliver's Engagement in Miami

After saying yes and freaking out that I was in a Burger King uniform polo (?) with champagne, I noticed my phone was missing in action. He let me know my phone would be gone for the rest of the night and it would just be us two going to a surprise dinner. That “surprise” dinner was my family and best friends who had flown from all parts of the US to be there with us.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Miami

He thought of everything from a set menu of our favorite foods, picture collages, and even a photographer to capture the moment. The rest of the weekend was spent celebrating – it felt like a whopper of an engagement!

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Emily Harris Photography
Smith & Wollensky Miami Steakhouse
Post Engagement Party in Private Room Overlooking the Water/City