Nicole and Mike's New York City Proposal

Me and MikeHow we met: You know the old saying “Mothers know best?” Well let me tell you, it’s SO true! Me and Mike met through my amazing mother Linda. My mom used to frequent a local store for years. Mike used to work there and always helped her when she went in. As time passed, my mom and Mike got to know each other from their interactions. My mom would always make a mental note that talking to Mike was a lot like talking to me! One day when my mom was shopping in his store she told Mike that she thought he and I would really get along. Mike gave her his information for me and here we are 2 and a half years later!

how they asked: Mike and I LOVE NYC. So, to celebrate our 2 year anniversary we planned a whole day in NYC and stayed the night. After checking into our hotel room (which they upgraded to the nicest room in the hotel!) we walked through Time Square to get to the Top of the Rock. Even living in NY our whole lives, neither of us had ever been! When we got to the top we were blown away (literally by the wind) but also by the most spectacular views of all of Manhattan. It was approaching the twilight hour and the sight was breathtaking. (Little did I know Mike had the ring there and was hoping to propose then but due to the extreme wind and large crowd he felt it wasn’t that perfect moment.) After admiring the city from above we went back to the hotel. We cuddled up on a chair near the window and began watching the sun set over the Hudson River and the city. He scooped me up and planted me so I was sitting on the chair alone. He got down on one knee and revealed the stunning sparkler!

Top of the Rock