Bridal Fashion Model Nicole Kaspar's Bridesmaid Proposal

Fashion model Nicole Kaspar and her boyfriend Chad got engaged with a tear-jerking proposal on the runway during New York Bridal Fashion Week. For a bride who had an epic proposal, a bridesmaid proposal is a must.

Nicole shared with us how she popped the question to her two maids of honor, nine bridesmaids and one bridesman and the amazing celebrations they had together.

He proposed to her on the runway, now she’s proposing to her bridesmaids.

My friends really do mean the world to me. I am an only child, and therefore have found my sisterhood in my best friends. I go to them for everything, and I talk to all of them weekly. We have been through heartbreaks, deaths, loss of parents, illness, and everything in between together. I could not make it without their love and support. I just wanted them to know how special they are to me, and how important it is that they stand by my side on the most special day of my life.

I wanted to do each proposal in person, and I wanted it to be something goofy or silly. My bridesmaids live all over the country, so I had to ask some in New York, California, Texas, and one in Paris, France! It had to be something small I could travel with, and so I chose a small golden quail egg with a note inside that asked each one to be my bridesmaid. I got the idea off of Etsy from the shop “LittleElephantCrafts”, and thought it would be fun for them to crack the egg! I have two maid of honors and they had a larger balloon to pop with a similar message that I got from Etsy shop “JaQueenThings.”

My wedding party is made up of all friends, no family. Part home-town friends, part modeling friends, part college friends, and part post-college friends. I also have a groomsman! He is my best man friend and he is standing on my fiance’s side at the wedding!

My bridesmaids threw me the most amazing shower. It was lightly Harry Potter themed, with alcoholic butter beer, and guests took home baby succulents as party favors! All the girls are wearing different Watters dresses that they got to pick out themselves at Watters’ Headquarters in Dallas. I cannot wait to see how beautiful they all look! We also took my bachelorette in Europe. We went to Paris and Amsterdam and had SUCH a great time!!

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