Nicole and David

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How We Met

I moved to San Francisco from Michigan just over 4 years ago, and Dave interviewed me for my very first job. I would be lying if I said it was love at first sight, as he was participating in ‘No Shave November’ and was sporting a very thick, handlebar mustache. Knowing I had very few friends in a big new city, Dave started inviting me to join him and his friends to concerts, music festivals and Saturday’s in Dolores Park. It was clear that we shared a connection right from the beginning, and less than a year later, we would share a home together. Fun fact: to date, we have attended over 300 concerts, DJs sets , & festivals together!

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how they asked

Fast forward to January 2017, Dave planned a weekend getaway to celebrate my 29th birthday at an incredible hot springs resort in Northern California, nestled 12 miles straight into the mountains. With no wifi or televisions, we’d spend our days soaking in the different natural hot and cold pools that were scattered throughout the grounds with the rain coming down on us. The morning of my actual birthday, he was very persistent on a hike to see the gigantic Redwood trees. The heavy rain from the night before had caused the forest to be extra wet, eerie but very green with fallen trees every which way you turned. Knowing we were miles away from anyone, an unsettling feeling came over us as we crept our way in; what if an animal came? What if a tree fell on us?! Moments later, a loud cracking sound came from in front of us, and we sat back to watch this tree split and crash to the ground, now blocking the trail ahead. More shaken than me, Dave was pretty startled that that we could have been under that tree, and kept repeating “this is a sign, you don’t understand?”. “I sign for what?” I said to him.

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He then turned to me and said “A sign that there is no perfect moment, and I shouldn’t wait another second to do this” and right then in there in the middle of the trees, he knelt down on one kneed on the muddy wet forest floor. We then spent the rest of the day soaking in beautiful, private tubs that overflowed with hot spring water, rain pouring down on us, and had our big new secret only to ourselves for the remainder of our trip.