Nicole and Bobby

How We Met

We met through an online dating site (Match) after she reached out to me. She was outside of my search range (and height range preferences), so I may have never found her! On our first date we met for dinner in Old Town Scottsdale. She came straight from a 12 hour work shift and was late, so she didn’t manage to change out of her scrubs and still had her hair in a ponytail. I arrived early and dressed like I was on a first date I’d waited all day for. Dinner went great, we carried-on with a walk to extend the date/conversation and must have covered half of Old Town before calling it a night!


How They Asked

After about 10.5 months of dating, I proposed to her at her Lasik surgery office. She had always had glasses and was afraid to go through with the surgery, but finally got the courage because she wanted to be able to see at her own wedding. We knew an engagement would be imminent later that year so she finally made the appointment. I conspired with several employees at the office, informed them of my plans to propose and the dates I’d be there. As she was taken back into the office to have the surgery performed, I ran to my car to get a pair of fake eye exam tests on poster boards. I rushed back in and met the only employee who would be present on both that day of surgery and the 24 hour follow up appointment in order to go through a test run and stage my fake exam. She was an administrative employee at the front desk and NOT an Ophthalmologist/Optometrist, so she had never been in a testing room or given an eye exam before! Fortunately, my fiancée had never had one either and couldn’t tell the difference. The next morning as she was called from the waiting room and into the exam area, the eye test I made using random letters was set-up in front to conceal the proposal eye test behind it. My fiancée thought it was weird that I asked to join her for the test and even more bizarre that I insisted on standing behind her during it, rather than the open seat off to the side. But once she excitedly read off the correct letters down the page with her improved vision on the first test it didn’t seem to matter. Finally, the employee pulled aside the first page to reveal my proposal message hidden in the letters and I anxiously reached for the loose ring in my pocket. She again correctly read all the letters individually in “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”, even saying “question mark” when she reached the punctuation symbol. She clearly didn’t make the realization because she was so focused on correctly performing the tasks, so the tester and I stayed in character as she asked my fiancée to read the whole thing again, but this time as a sentence. It took two times of repeating “Will… you… marry… me?” with confusion before I stepped forward from behind her chair and confessed that the message was from me. As soon as I did, the meaning of the words (and not just the sequence of letters) finally hit her like a ton of bricks as I repeated the phrase to her myself from one knee. She said YES and now has perfect vision for our wedding this October!

Special Thanks

Laura Segall Photography
 | Photography