Nicole and Zachary

Where to Propose in Grumpy Dave’s Pub Bowling Green Ohio

How We Met

We were both in toxic relationships when we were both casts in a show together. It wasn’t long before he became my best friend. He showed me I deserved someone who treated me better. He gave me the courage I needed to get out of a horrible situation. We remained friends through the breakups and helped each other through them. A while later we realized we had feelings for each other. He supported me through the toughest moment of my romantic life and remained supportive. It was a logical choice. He has always been there for me to show me how I should be treated.

How They Asked

Our first duet was at Grumpy Dave’s Pub karaoke. For four years we went to karaoke every week and sang together. When we graduated we moved several states away from our favorite spot. This holiday season we hadn’t planned on visiting our spot again. Our whole family would be there, and most of our best friends. Then I made the choice, if he doesn’t propose by then I will. Little did I know he had already made the plan himself. So when he got down on one knee, I was ecstatic. And I knew It would be the perfect opportunity for me to get down on my knee as well. Great minds really do think alike. And I cannot Wait to sing duets with him for the rest of our lives.

Our Video