Nicole and William

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Stratosphere Top of the World, Las Vegas, NV

How We Met

We met at work. He was one of our hospital’s “IT guys” I worked administratively with the residency program. I remember our first encounter clearly. He was brought to my desk to be introduced by a co-worker I remember thinking, “hmmm he’s nice looking…” but after the introductions happened I decided he was not friendly. He didn’t smile! Not once. We worked together for over a year chatting here and there when he would come to my desk and make jokes or complain about a ticket I may have put in for IT help. We’d share stories about our weekends every now and then but nothing beyond work conversation. I left my position for another organization in September 2014 and he asked for my number so we could keep in touch. I didn’t even think to get his number because I didn’t think he was interested in that way, so it took about a month or two for us to connect again because I never answered my phone to numbers I didn’t know. For about a month the same number kept calling me so I finally answered and of course it was him. We chatted here and there for about a month and he asked to meet up for coffee one evening. I was free so I decided to go ahead and catch up with my old co-worker. We talked and laughed and caught up for about an hour and then I let him know I had to head home. When we were saying goodbye we hugged and then he swooped in and tried to kiss me! I was so caught off guard! He said, awkwardly, that he’d been waiting forever to do that. I was completely surprised. We’ve been together ever since, growing and sharing our lives. We both have children from previous relationships and love to travel! We’ve had a very full last few years and can’t wait to officially start the rest of our lives together.

Where to Propose in Stratosphere Top of the World, Las Vegas, NV

how they asked

He surprised me with a trip to Vegas for New Year’s I didn’t even know where we were going when we got to the airport. He had let me know to dress up because we had dinner reservations. We went to Top of the World at Stratosphere. When our main course arrived he asked for me to hold off on eating until we could make a toast. I was feeling under the weather so all I had was hot tea and a water glass so I was confused. He was like, “That’s fine, that’s fine, let’s just do it with water.” He was unusually anxious and he wanted to wait until the waiter returned to take our picture. When the waiter finally came he took our camera and began taking a picture and we toasted to the last year and all we accomplished together over the past couple of years and to the future. He then said he had one more thing he had to do before 2017 was over with and he stood up, pulled out the ring, got down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him! I had the ugly cry face of course and all I could do was nod my head yes, I didn’t even give him a chance to put the ring on because I wanted to hug and kiss him! He asked if he could get the ring on my hand and I finally let him. It was a beautiful moment!

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