Nicole and Will

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How We Met

Will and I met through our love of the outdoors (and Jeeps!) almost 10 years ago. Eventually we started dating, and for the first few years, we lived in different states (myself in NY, Will in CT), making it a bit of a challenge to spend as much time together as we wanted. 5 years ago I packed up everything and moved to CT (one of the best decisions I ever made!)

how they asked

We love to travel and explore new areas, and this July (right after our 8 year anniversary) – we had our best adventure yet planned. We were going to Iceland! On day three of our trip, we were at the most beautiful place I have ever seen – Jökulsárlón. Everything from the gorgeous glacier lagoon, the icebergs and the mountains in the distance completely took my breath away. When I told Will that this was hands down the most incredible place I had ever seen – he knew this was the spot. Will, a videographer/photographer by trade, had been getting all sorts of photos & videos from his drone throughout our trip, and suggested we took a photo standing in front of the glacier. We took a photo, and when he went to take a second, he completely threw me off guard when he put the controller down, took a GoPro camera out of his pocket (which was hiding my ring!) and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. How could a girl say no? Our proposal was everything and more I could have ever dreamed for – and so blessed Will was able to catch this moment of us that I will treasure forever.