Nicole and Tyler

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How We Met

Tyler and I met on New Year’s Day 2016 amongst 60,000+ people at Gillette Stadium. Two friends and I decided to buy tickets to the Winter Classic game a few days prior. I later found out that Tyler wasn’t planning on going to the game until the day before! My friends and I were in line to grab a drink and he asked where I got my hat. We started talking which lead to a selfie to try to get on the Snapchat story (of course). After our quick encounter, and me telling him to find me on Instagram, I kept thinking that I should’ve got his number. I quickly realized the odds of me finding him amongst so many people would be nearly impossible.

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But alas, a few days and some swipes later I came across a familiar face. I immediately messaged Tyler and asked if he was at the hockey game and he said “yes…” and then I replied, “I’m pretty sure we took a picture together!” After talking all night I learned that he lived in Boston but was in Rhode Island visiting his family for the holidays. A week or so later was our first date at a local ale house and I’ll never forget how much we laughed and hit it off. A guy at the bar has even asked us “so when’s the wedding?”. During our first few months of dating, we were driving back and forth to see each other but that changed when Tyler moved back to Rhode Island. A year later we bought our first home together and have just fallen more and more in love. Hockey games are one of our favorite past times and we have the Bruins to thank for bringing us together!

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how they asked

Tyler travels a lot for work and was not going to be here for Valentine’s Day this year. We were planning on spending the weekend before at Castle Hill Inn in Newport and going out to dinner as a little staycation. I got out of work early and should’ve been suspicious when Tyler let me take my time getting ready before heading down. We arrived at Castle Hill and for the keys to our beach house and went to a quick lunch and tea. We headed to the room to find a gorgeous ocean front view amongst every amenity you could need in a hotel room. Tyler and I wanted to go for a walk before the sunset because I’d never been there before. He kept asking if I wanted my coat but I just figured we would only be outside for a few minutes so we ventured outside. After walking through the sand and up some rocks (in new heels), Tyler and I took a picture together. It was pretty cold out so we were going to head back, or so I thought. At this moment I may have lost consciousness for a second as I saw Tyler get down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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My first response was “is this real? Like is this actually happening?” and he assured me it was. Tears started to fall, I couldn’t make out words, and could barely stand up. In the box, was the most beautiful pear-shaped diamond ring I’ve ever seen and all I’ve ever dreamt of. Tyler put the ring on my right finger and claims it’s because he was on the other side of me. I didn’t care what finger it was on because I was still trying to comprehend what just happened.

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After trying to regain consciousness, we started to make our way down the rocks and Tyler went to find a bag with a bottle of champagne and glasses that his sister had planted for us. As we’re walking down he says “let’s go take some pictures”. I look into the distance and see two people with cameras and find out he asked my aunt and cousin to come down and capture the moment. We celebrated with more pictures and champagne back in the room. Later in the night, we went over to dinner only to find that he had my sisters and all of our best friends surprise me at the restaurant to celebrate our engagement. PS – major props to him for making my nail lady change my appointment so my nails were perfect!

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