Nicole and Ty

Nicole and Ty's Engagement in St. Mary’s Glacier (CO)

How We Met

I briefly dated Ty’s roommate when we were freshman in college. We were always friendly but never really close. A couple years after graduation, Ty very randomly invited me on a ski trip. He knew I had moved to Colorado (thanks Instagram!) and was trying to piece together a group. I said yes to coming, and we immediately hit it off. We skied together for a few days, attached at the hip then had a kiss goodbye on New Years! He went back to Texas and I stayed in Colorado. He called to apologize for kissing me, trying to be a gentleman, and then we really never stopped talking. He told me to choose a weekend and that he would come visit. He came back to Denver a couple weeks later. I picked him up at the airport with a box of pizza and tickets for one of his favorite basketball teams…no wonder he fell in love!

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How They Asked

Ty loves pizza. He has been saying he wanted to go to one of his favorite pizza places in the mountains and began bargaining with me, saying that he would hike with me if I’d go eat pizza with him later that week. Never turning down a chance to hike with him, it never even crossed my mind that it was weird that he wanted to go despite it being below twenty degrees and blizzarding. We got to the top of one of our favorite hikes, where we went the weekend he first came to visit, and he said he had something big for me. I had been joking earlier that week that I wanted a big surprise because it was Pediatric Nurse’s week and I am a nurse at Children’s Hospital. Little did I know that something big had been planned for months and I was in for the sweetest surprise of my life. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. After a couple minutes, Ty pointed to a “hiker” we had talked to that was actually a photographer. We went back to my parent’s house to celebrate with friends and family, then flew to Texas in the morning to celebrate with his family. Every detail was perfect, including the ring that he designed himself after only dating for four months.

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