Nicole and Travis

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How We Met

Travis and I met on parallel kingdom. A game for phone that used google maps and gps to explore. We started out as friends and slowly grew closer over the years that we played.

how they asked

It was Labor day in evening, we had just gotten boys settled in bed and he asked me to go outside with him to enjoy the warm night air. While we were out, he asked if I had ever heard the song “Will you go with me?” by Josh Turner. I hadn’t so he played it on YouTube. While it was playing our 3 year old ran out the door to us and cuddled in my arms as we listened.

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When it was over, he got down on one knee and asked “Will you go with me? Will you be my bride?” I said yes. As he place the ring on my finger, our three year old asked “Can I go to? I want to go.”

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Special Thanks

Kelly Hawkins
 | Photographer