Nicole and Tom

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How We Met

Tom and I went to middle school together and beginning of high school together but we never met. It wasn’t until I switched high schools when we met through mutual friends at a car show (you would never catch me dead at a car show with my friends, it was such a coincidence I was there). The night we met we were 17 and he let me drive his car home which, little did I know, he never let anyone touch his car.

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It was something about him I just knew he was the one, maybe it was his maturity at such a young age, or his loyalty and patience that made me fall in love. Our first date was at the Cheesecake Factory (laughing now, but at 17 that was the nicest restaurant in my eyes). We talked all night and 7 years later here we are, engaged and so many memories together. I could not picture my life without him we’ve been through the best, the worst, and everything in between and he has stuck by my side through it all.

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Nicole and Tom's Engagement in Republic Airport

how they asked

10.16.16: Tom and I had just came back from Turks and Caicos the day before (Saturday). I thought he was going to propose on vacation because I kept catching him staring and me and smiling. When it didn’t happen on the trip, I was confused because of the way he was acting and staring. I knew if it didn’t happen on the trip it wasn’t going to happen for a while.

The day after we got back, on Sunday, (the day of the engagement) Tom, my sister Laurie, her boyfriend Joe, and I were planning to go to brunch in the afternoon. Tom was suppose to pick me, Laurie, and Joe up from my house. He texted me that he was here and as the three of us were walking out, there was a limo in my driveway for ME with a note from Tom telling me to get in and it will all be okay (Tom was not there).

My family walked me out and blind folded me and told me I had to remain blind folded until I was told otherwise. Attached the blind fold were 7 directions for me to follow, one direction for each year we have been together. As the limo came to a stop, Tom was there to open my door and guide me as I walked, since I was still blind folded. When he told me to take the blind fold off, I was so overwhelmed by my surroundings. In front of my own eyes, there he was on one knee with a helicopter behind him and a photographer to capture this breath taking moment.

After I said yes (At least I think I said yes I was crying so much), we went up in the helicopter and flew above my Grandpa’s house, where our family was there jumping up and down and waving at us (and of course popping champagne). On the lawn, there were huge signs that said Nicole and Tom, she said yes!

As we got back in the limo, there was a complete outfit in there from my mom and sister to change into because, unbeknownst to me, my family and friends were all waiting for us at a restaurant where we celebrated the rest of the night. This day was something I couldn’t even imagine in my wildest dreams and the feelings we both felt was/ is indescribable. Every time I think of this day it gives me chills and I wish I could relive it. Our love story will forever be my favorite.